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By November 19, 2018Editorial

Zine Design Inspiration from Digital Zines on Issuu

Zines are one of the most exciting creative projects a person can take on. Whether they’re created by an individual or a group, they are a chance to showcase as much creative expression and freedom as one would like to. Some zines have themes, while others are created on a whim by the artist. There are no rules when it comes to zines. Sometimes, like any creative project, you can have a strong desire to create but need some visual inspiration to get moving. Here is some zine design inspiration from digital zines available on Issuu.

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Collage Zine Design

Collage style zines are a classic way to put together a zine. They’ve been created this way by hand for decades, and more recently digitally as well. These are zines that put together different visual elements to create collages. Viewers are guided through said zines with eye-popping imagery and busy visuals. You can put these together by hand with scissors and adhesives, or digitally in Photoshop and similar photo apps.

Journal/Sketchbook Zine Design

Some zine makers choose to turn their journals or sketchbooks into a zine. In a digital format, this involves scanning in pages that are hand-drawn and handwritten and compiling them. For physical zines, they tend to be photo copied for distribution. These are a beautiful way to create zines with a hand-crafted feeling.

Minimalist Zine Design

Some zines are quite minimal in their design, featuring only a limited color palette and one major design element per page. These are perfect for those who are working on digital zines.

Photo Zine Design

Photo zines are great for sharing from a specific photo series. Whether it is a collaborative effort or a single photographer’s work, photo zines tend to be quite minimal and good for showing off a single body of work, or theme of work.

Comic Zine Design

Some illustrators choose to make comic book style zines that tell a story, or a bunch of little stories.

Freestyle Zine Design

Finally, there’s freestyle zine design–– that’s a combination of styles all put together to make one zine. These are for the creators who don’t want to stick to just one style for their zine, or collaborative groups with multiple styles coming together to create a zine. It’s the perfect non-style of zine design!

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