Eight Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Holiday Catalog or Lookbook

By November 30, 2016Editorial

A holiday catalog or lookbook is a relatively easy addition to your small business holiday marketing plan that will continue to pay off into the new year. Accelerate your branding, purchase rate and much more by using our Google Slides and Adobe InDesign templates to create your own lookbook or catalog.

Below are eight ways your business can benefit from a catalog or lookbook this holiday season.

1. Professionalism. Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play along with the big dogs. Successful businesses create catalogs and lookbooks to share their wares while adding a level of professionalism customers appreciate.


2. Simple click to buy. Make the decision to purchase easy for your customers with our In-Publication shopping links. While perusing your beautiful gift guide, customers who are interested in your products can click through to buy with ease.


3. Drive affiliate revenue. If you’re set up with affiliate marketing like LinkShare or ShopStyle, embed these links in your issuu publication to increase revenue with every click.

4. Proof of product. Show off your product to potential buyers with your catalog or lookbook. A picture speaks a thousand words, so you’ll be saying a lot with this photo-heavy publication. Not to mention, you can also embed video.


5. Wide distribution. Don’t limit your small business by it’s location. Use an online catalog or lookbook to hit every possible consumer base out there. Where there’s internet, there’s a potential new customer. Check out issuu’s statistics to see how far and wide your reach can be.

6. Holiday cheer. Take care of your holiday promotion in one fell swoop by easily customizing your gift guide for any upcoming celebrations. Add in some festive colors or graphics, and you’ll be in the right spirit every time.


7. Cement your brand name. Associate your logo and brand name with a beautiful publication to help build a solid reputation around your business.

8. Upgrade your website. With the sleek new look of the #newissuu reader, embedding your publication on any website will make it look innovative and fresh.


Now go get started on your awesome small business publication. And be sure to share your amazing finished product with us on Twitter  @issuu.

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