4 Tips for Working as a Small Team

By August 22, 2018Business, Tips

Now more than ever small teams and small businesses are flourishing and garnering great success. It isn’t always the huge corporate companies that people are flocking to, it’s the small but mighty brands that are thinking differently and hustling to create the best work possible. These teams are the ones that are grabbing people’s attention. We’ve put together a list of tips for working as a small team so that your business can be the most efficient and punch the biggest hit.

Develop Strong Communication

Communication is the key to success within every industry, every team size and every relationship; both personal and work related. Although often overlooked, it is very easy to develop strong communication among team members and throughout the office. Hold daily check-ins, schedule weekly whole team meetings and simply make sure everyone is on the same page. By being transparent about your goals, objectives and needs of each project you won’t have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks.

Grow an Inspiring Company Culture

All work and no play will create some very unenthusiastic team players. When working as a small team, make it a priority to reward hard workers, celebrate success and have some fun when it’s earned! Weekly team lunches, a small relaxation lounge and monthly team outings are the perfect way to build relationships among your team while also showing your members that you value them. Garnering strong relationships among your team will create a healthy, passionate and proactive work environment.

Invest in Your Team

No matter how talented your people are, no team large or small should ever become stagnant. Ensure that as a team, and as a small team leader, you are encouraging growth and learning for all your individuals. By developing team training days, attending industry conferences and signing up for webinars your team’s members will become smarter, more valuable and more efficient.

Use Your Resources

Just because you’re working as a small team doesn’t mean you have to do all of the large jobs solely on your own. Have a major project in the works, but believe your team may not have the resources to be most successful? Luckily, there are well-trained and highly talented freelancers that can help get the job done. Whether it’s graphic design for an upcoming campaign or internal IT work — asking for the help of a specialist will help your team reach its true potential.

Besides the large jobs, there are also those small pesky tasks that arise within any sized team. Social media, employee payroll, email marketing and project management are all things that are necessary within any business but often take up valuable time. We’ve gathered a list of apps that will help change your small business experience and have your team working more efficiently in no time.

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  • Ziyan says:

    In my company, I always prefer to have a small team. The less the people the less personality differences and everybody can be the owner of their job by taking a particular project without overlapping with the other’s project. In this way the work goes faster than adding new member and giving them training to make them understand the project from the first.

  • Karen says:

    I would like to lift my company up to the next level: growth. For me the essential base is to look at people’s talents, skills and job responability. Everybody can stay the owner of their job as their specific talent sets the content of the job. It’s about sharing, learning, experimenting and seeking partnership and so people can find their own place in space. I have my wishes f.e. that they work locally, inside our community, but as my wish is not their command and as I know that people will automatically give their best performance using their talent, skills, resonsability and education, these extra side walks make my company grow and it means that I am reaching my goals: growth. A decision to exclude certain profiles is unheard of. It doesn’t fit the 17 goals to make our world a better place by 2030 for our children and the generations to come! All is welcome, none is excluded and the more established side walks, the more variety, the more ground gets covered and even more people will introduce themselve to me. If there is a gap, it will be resolved pretty quickly as the big number of people only grows bigger, and the more we can learn from each other embracing different cultures, backgrounds and habits. It feeds curiosity followed by co-creation and in this process we choose the best of both worlds do manage to have them cooperate on various subjects. My plan is getting people to work, the rest is up to them. I do not look for co-workers and I accept each and each one who introduces him/herself. They are my customers and my moving targets. My talents? Agility. Flexibility. Curious. Eager for knowledge. Courageous. Persevering. Non judgemental. Introspectiveness. Sensitivity. .. pragmatic & dogmatic.

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