Why Your Brand Needs Digital Publishing in 2019

Why Your Brand Needs Digital Publishing in 2019

Marketing for brands in 2019 is heavily focused on digital media. Digital publishing and social media are absolute staples for many brand’s marketing needs. While print and physical components are still relevant in today’s marketing world, they are not the primary element of a successful marketing strategy. Here’s why your brand needs digital publishing in 2019 for growth.

Get Publishing!

The editorial industry is changing. Beyond regularly updating one’s website, many brands like WIRED, Bon Appetit, Vanity Fair and are growing their online presence. However, not every publication has resources for pumping money into Web Development and Video Production.

In fact, publishing digitally sacrifices nothing of what makes print media so beautiful. Instead, it helps you grow your brand while maintaining existing audiences. Here’s how Issuu publishing achieves that.

Spread your influence

Digital publishing is the equivalent of having your publication on more newsstands. Not only this, but people who stumble across your work on social media, a link via text, or while browsing the Issuu blog are all possible content engagements.

Therefore, new eyes find content through SEO, search engine optimization. Update your description often with keywords from your latest edition– attracting new followers! Also, Issuu bumps you in search engines thanks to 100 million monthly uniques on our website

Make the world your oyster

Yes, the world is getting smaller– which is good news for brands who appeal globally. You might find that shipping costs, especially overseas, prevent people from discovering your brand. It doesn’t have to be this way. See how Anna Lozynski, a legal professional, uses Issuu for boosting her eBook business. Or, set up a fully digital catalog with our full-screen embed and shopping links.

Create ebooks with Issuu and embed your work on your website. You can design these yourself, work with a team, or use our Microsoft or Adobe InDesign templates. These templates will bring you sleek designs in less time. After all, so many still judge a book by its cover. You can also sell your publication on Issuu directly through Stripe.

If you’re looking to bring readers beyond the cover and into the nitty-gritty, Issuu Stories is the digital publishing solution for your brand. Stories are now the most impactful way to connect with new audiences on mobile and social media. Captivate more readers when you highlight and share Stories from within your publications in just the click of a few buttons.


Cut out the middle man

Digital publishing transcends borders, and with Issuu’s publication and page-level Statistics, you can see just how international your reach is. Knowing which pages, editions, and shopping links get attention proves value to advertisers. For your convenience, we split stats into organic and paid impressions.

When using Issuu, it’s important to get your SEO in order to give your brand the visibility it needs online. Issuu’s audience is global and expansive, and keeping your SEO up-to-date will help you get found.

Digital publishing allows you to cut costs without sacrificing readership, giving you more creative freedom to publish what you really want to publish.

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