Why AMP Stories are Important

By August 12, 2019Editorial

Why AMP Stories are Important

AMP technology is proliferating across the web. However, only a few of us understand the value it brings. Since 2016 they have been targeting publishers like you [5]. Issuu Stories and Google AMP technology bring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Story formats.


Ultimately, this project aims at speeding up the mobile web. A large body of research affirms that long page load times result in losing user’s attention. And for publishers who rely on online readership and sales this is a serious problem. One study found that a search that took 500 milliseconds longer to load resulted in a 20% reduction in use, and a mere 100 millisecond delay 7% lower conversion rate [2]. We cannot afford drops in conversion rate, or the percentage of users who completed your desired goal when visiting your page. In a world where more than half of people exit a website if loading takes longer than three seconds, AMP pages that load in less than a second and with 10 times less data are very attractive [3, 1].


Distribution is impossible if Internet users cannot find you online. AMP vastly improves the chances your articles will reach the eyes of a mobile reader. On Google, speed is a ranking factor. Since AMP pages are the fastest loading across the Internet your page enjoys enhanced SEO. Also, it is now a requirement for top ranked articles be in AMP format. Google has created a Story carousel that ranks stories based on keywords. The AMP project recognizes that much of this keyword space is still open–which makes this a prime opportunity for snagging that search engine space before it is saturated [3].


Besides the speed and discoverability of AMP stories, they are integrated into the very fabric of the Internet. They will not disappear, like Snapchat or Instagram, and they are not restricted to a single platform, like Facebook Stories. The Issuu Story Cloud produces an AMP link every time you create a Visual Story that you can share across any platform you wish. Also, websites like WordPress automatically AMP-up your stories thus increasing visibility and stability [5]. It takes no engineering resources for improving health of your digital presence.

Hearst, leading magazine conglomerate, saw a 29% increase ad visibility, and 45% increase in click through rates. With this fast loading and integration across the web Hearst feels comfortable moving forward with more diverse and engaging content in addition to long form articles like quizzes, ratings, 360 video, and shop modules [4]. You can spend more time diversifying and improving your content when the nitty gritty of page load time and search rankings is off your plate. Issuu has created the ideal set of tools that simplifies the workflow converting your large publication into mobile optimized pieces.

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