Webinar Review: Issuu + Canva

By August 31, 2020Editorial

Webinar Review: Issuu + Canva

No matter what field you may be in, likelier than not, Canva is a name that has popped up. The Australian-based app has 30 million monthly active users, after all. With its intuitive, low learning curve nature, Canva is giving people the tools to create the graphics they need when they need it.

It comes as no surprise, then, that it is one of several resources Issuu users can look forward to working with to create stunning content to circulate amongst readers, clientele, networks, and onwards. Issuu Marketing Expert, and Style Extraordinaire, Meghan Cole presented a webinar on this topic that can be re-watched here. If you missed it, or simply need a quick recap, feel free to follow along below:


Step 1: Create Content on Canva

Like Issuu, one of Canva’s great attractions is its accessibility and ease of function. The ability to create designs by dragging and dropping elements like images and text makes creating visuals a breeze. More detailed instructions on how to use Canva are on their site. Notably, for maximized content quality, Canva-created content should be downloaded under the selection “PDF Print”.


Step 2: Upload to Issuu

Once the PDF is downloaded it can be turned into an Issuu publication. To do so, log onto Issuu and find the “+ Add Content” button on the left side of the home page. Then select “Create” after which where you can upload the PDF created on Canva. 

To amplify the reach of your content, make sure to fill out all the following fields, such as “Title” and “Description”. Want to boost views and exposure? Upgrade from a free account to access features such as scheduling publications and making them downloadable.


Step 3: Distribute and Optimize

All Issuu users can take advantage of features such as Article Stories and Visual Stories. These features highlight text and visuals in your publications that can be leveraged to provide marketing material alongside an alternative reading experience.

Subscription Issuu users are able to have links auto-detected and embed videos into their publications.

Furthermore, subscribers can also embed publications or provide fullscreen sharing to bring your content to consumers. Another way to spread the word is to embed visual stories or GIFs in email marketing.

After all that work, Issuu users can keep track of content performance by utilizing Issuu Statistics.

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