Webinar Review: Embed Visual Stories in Mailchimp

By August 19, 2020Editorial

Webinar Review: Embed Visual Stories in Mailchimp

Did you know over 56% of email marketers use GIFs in the email campaigns?

It’s likely because emails with animated GIFs see up to 26% of clicks.

Issuu users who are familiar with Visual Stories and their benefits when used in social media like Instagram and Pinterest will be pleased to know that Visual Stories can now be embedded into emails as GIFs!

Our Issuu experts presented a webinar about this. Feel free to watch here if you missed it. Otherwise, here are some highlights to take away:

1. Convert the Visual Story into a GIF using any conversion software or site. 

First, download your Visual Story as an .mp4 file.

Then use a converter to turn the .mp4 file to .GIF. Issuu uses EZGIF.COM

Whatever converter is used, you’ll have to adjust settings a bit to get the .GIF file as close to 1 MB as possible. Alter the GIF dimensions, compression, and length to optimize it for email embedding. Remember that emails are about 600 px in width, so a GIF would have to be less than that for users to see it comfortably. After you’re done altering the file, download it onto your device.

2. Using Mailchimp, create your email, then drag and drop an image section into the email. 

This image will be the Visual Story-turned-GIF.

After inserting where the GIF will go, simply click “Browse” to locate and upload the GIF file created. Voila! You now have a Visual Story embedded into your email campaigns.

3. Wait, there has to be more!

If you’re looking for more polish, such as utilizing the remaining negative space more efficiently, there is another step that can be taken: code.

With a little basic HTML, you can take your brand to the next level! Here is an Issuu-provided HTML template that can be used in Mailchimp.

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