How to Use Social Stories to Market Your Travel Brand

By June 17, 2019Content Marketing

Make Travel Marketing Stories to Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

Wake up, check social media, rinse, repeat. If you can relate to this routine, your audience definitely does as well. If you’re scrolling through Instagram or Snapchat, you’re likely checking Stories at the top of your feed first. Sprinkled within personal story posts, you might find brands or influencers marketing new products. So how does a travel brand stand out amongst the crowd? Stories are the perfect tool for travel marketing. They’re a way to make your brand a part of your audience’s daily routine, giving them a teaser of what your brand has to offer. Keep your brand top of mind with Stories for travel marketing.

What are Stories?

Social Stories are videos or photos presented in a tap-through format which can be enhanced with in-app or third party tools. You can add sticker buttons, filters, or even links to your website and other media. These Stories stay up for only 24 hours, giving your audience a glimpse of what your brand has going on. As a branding tool, your company could use this to promote new services or products without flooding your audience’s feed with promotional posts. There are also apps like Issuu that allow for you to create beautiful, brand approved social Story content.

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Why post Stories?

Reaching your mobile audience with Stories is the most impactful way to grasp their attention. Many brands focus on curating beautiful feeds for their social channels, it is also important to keep them engaged using Stories as well. It’s easy for audiences to lose interest if your posts are too long to read. Therefore, Stories are the perfect solution to grasp your audience’s attention with a few breathtaking posts. With the option to upload a video story or a photo story, the branding opportunities are endless!

Here are 3 ways your brand can get involved with social Story content marketing:

Social Story Takeovers

Collaborate with travel influencers. Give your audience and theirs a deeper, authentic look at what your brand has to offer. Make your brand more personable by inviting an influencer to post snippets of their excursions led by your brand. Show your audiences the exhilarating adventures your brand has to offer, convincing them to book a trip right away! Once you find the right influencer to create original content with, you’ll be able to grow your target audience and watch your engagement soar.

Poll & Question Stories

This is one of the easiest ways for your audience to ask direct questions about your brand. This is a more personal way to connect with your audience. As opposed to users’ questions getting lost in the comments section of your post, using the question sticker,  submissions are organized so your brand can easily respond. Prompt your audience to ask questions about your brand’s services or any travel questions in general and you’ll be guaranteed to be flooded with messages from your audience. On the other hand, by using polls, you can engage your audience and have them vote for the content they want to see from your brand.

Visual Stories

Tell your audience a story that they can tap through in one minute. Snapchat’s discover page is full of tap through articles that users can read through in less than five minutes. Make your travel story! Take your audience on an adventure using Issuu’s new Visual Stories tool from the Issuu Story Cloud. Transform any article into a captivating tap-through video story that is easily digestible for your audience. The Issuu Story Cloud’s story building tools will help your travel content marketing stand out from the rest. Get started with Issuu today with the Issuu Creator Hub.

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