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By August 8, 2019Content Marketing

With the popularity of social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, Pinterest can be easily overlooked. Yet Pinterest is a powerful tool that can be used to strengthen your brand and take it to the next level. We like to look at Pinterest as a platform for creators beyond social media. Pinterest is a fantastic visual search engine, and one that brands can capitalize on. Here’s how to use Pinterest to strengthen your brand.

Utilize Boards

A key feature of Pinterest is Boards. Create boards spanning several different topics that relate to your brand. For example, a wedding magazine has plenty of opportunities to make wedding boards, or a food magazine has many opportunities to create food boards. The list goes on depending on the focus of your brand. 

Tailoring your Pinterest profile to your brand will hone in on your brand’s concept and strengthen your brand. Issuu publisher Sweet Paul has done this with boards including “Sweet Paul’s Norway” and “Best Food Photography.” Issuu’s Pinterest features publishers’ content on several boards ranging from “To Eat: Recipes on Recipes” to “Inspiring Influencers” as a way to show the depth of Publishers’ content, and your brand can do the same. 

Use Pinterest Marketing to Strengthen Your BrandCreate Video Pins on Pinterest Using Issuu Visual Stories 

Your brand needs Visual Stories not only to tell stories but also to share these stories through Video Pins. Issuu’s Visual Stories tool from the Issuu Story Cloud allows you to condense stories from your publication into videos that can be shared on all social platforms, including Pinterest. By uploading Visual Stories as Video Pins, you can create an even more dynamic way for users to engage with your content on Pinterest. 

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Video Pins on Pinterest for Marketing

Use Keywords and Tags 

When pinning content, it is important to use specific tags and keywords. This will allow users in your niche to find your content. It will also drive traffic towards your pins and help your pins go viral. Using keywords is helpful on both individual pins and boards overall. A huge benefit of Pinterest is that it can bring in a lot of traffic. Therefore, it is very easy for content to go viral. Keywords will help your audience find your content. 

Pinterest Content is Evergreen and Lasts Longer

Unlike other social media channels, Pinterest content is evergreen – meaning it will always be relevant to users. Therefore, you can post whatever you want to Pinterest, anytime. This means you can also recycle content throughout the year. Plus, Pinterest makes it easy to be tactical around this evergreen content and life events such as weddings, career changes, and more. Pins also last as long as you want and do not disappear in 24 hours, as content does on other social media networks. 

Pins can pick up at any time of the year. There is no need to fear if you plan on taking a social media hiatus. When you get back to social media, you can pick up right where you left off on Pinterest. 

This makes Pinterest a social media channel that you can easily control and cater to your needs. You can create boards, Video Pins using Issuu’s Visual Stories tool from the Issuu Story Cloud, and use keywords and tags to optimize your content and brand. Get started using Issuu and Pinterest to strengthen your brand with the Issuu Story Cloud.

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