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By January 18, 2018Editorial, Publisher Spotlight

Our Publisher of the Month, Simply Hygge, is branching out to tackle a new frontier: tween fashion. With her new publication Tweentown, Editor-in-Chief Anya Jensen brings the Danish concept of hygge and the tween fashion market together. Read more about the conception of Anya’s new magazine.

Tweentown No.1 – The mini festive edition.

This magazine is made for those of you who are looking for cool and classic pieces for your growing kids – our ‘tweens. TWEENTOWN will provide you with inspiration for clothes, shoes, accessories, interiors, gadgets, books, apps, and ideas that would make your tween happier – and then ultimately you too.

Hi everyone, it is Anya from Simply Hygge here. I am lucky to be the Issuu Publisher of the Month for January and I am very excited to share some news with you.

As the mother of 2 tween girls, I found it very difficult to find decent contemporary clothes and accessories for my daughters–– something they liked, and something we could agree on. Tweens are not little kids anymore, but not quite teens, so it can be a difficult age group to please when it comes to shopping. So when I was looking for inspiration for my two, I realized I was probably not the only one struggling with this issue.

I have spoken to many other mothers and fathers who also find the tween market difficult. The kids grow up a lot faster these days, and have social media and tv to influence them. They find things they want there, and even at a very early age, they know exactly what they like.

I think many brands make clothes that are either too grown-up or too babyish, so I created a magazine to cater for the tween market; a magazine where I will try and focus on brands with a more contemporary style and approach. The magazine will also focus on Danish/Scandinavian style, and of course, Danish hygge. I also write Simply Hygge magazine because I believe that there is always time to relax, take it down a notch and create some everyday magic.

Most of us have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with us, and we are very good at quickly looking up anything that catches our eye. I want to inspire tweens and their parents with a magazine that has a bit of everything. My aim is to also provide cool ideas for birthday parties, new apps and gadgets for the tech savvy tween, shopping guides, books and films, how to build a basic wardrobe, healthy lunch box ideas, places to visit, room tours and much more.

As a visual content creator, I love to share things that could be interesting for others–– and with the internet, we are able to inspire one each other across countries and continents. I am hoping you will find Tweentown as inspiring and forward-thinking as I do. The first actual issue of Tweentown will launch Spring 2018, and I can’t wait to show you what I have found.

Tweentown will also feature articles and interviews written by tweens, so you can get an authentic insight into what interest your own tween. We are also in the process of creating a youtube channel where we’ll share interesting posts as well as an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I hope you like the idea, and if you feel like it, please do share Tweentown with anyone who knows a tween. Thank you for reading!

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