Tutorial: Optimize Your Magazine for Mobile

By July 26, 2018Tips

Increase your viewership through mobile optimized Issuu Stories.

Ready to optimize your digital magazine for mobile? Now with Issuu Stories, you have the ability to share on-the-go content with readers who may be looking for a quick bite of content. This two minute video tutorial focuses on why content creators should create Stories, how to create Stories and where you can share them socially.

Create shareable Issuu Stories from your publication and give your audience a focused look at what’s inside. By selecting and sharing individual Stories, you can fuel your social media calendar with fresh content and highlight exclusive features or articles that will grab the attention of readers new and old. Stories give readers a better sense of what’s inside your publication — beyond just the cover. Learn how to create, customize and share Stories below.

Step-by-Step Story Creation:

  1. Go to your Issuu publisher dashboard.
  2. Click SOCIAL TOOLS in the sub-navigation. You’ll be directed straight to SHARE STORIES.
  3. Using the dropdown box, select the publication you want to create Stories for.
  4. Select the specific pages you want to share, then add a title, description and category.

Click OPTIMIZE FOR MOBILE if you want to continue to optimize the Story for mobile scrolling and reading.

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