Turn Your Brand into a Content Marketing Machine with Issuu

By February 4, 2019Business, Content Marketing

What kind of content can marketers share on Issuu?

Share Original Content on Issuu for Your Consumers

Share original branded content on Issuu for your consumers. This could be in the form of newsletters, magazines, catalogs, portfolio work–– there are endless possibilities in using Issuu’s tools to develop and share your brand identity. Many brands release entire magazines of content to promote their businesses. Some put out PDF newsletters or guides for an easy-to-read email marketing tool. There are plenty of options to create original content for your current consumers, and drive a new audience to your brand.

Reuse Existing Content on Issuu with a Wider Reach

Use Issuu’s downloadable free magazine templates for Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word to convert existing content into something beautiful. These free magazine templates for Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign are the perfect jumping off point for brands who may not be prepared to create an entirely new publication from scratch, but still want to use Issuu for content marketing.

Why use Issuu to share marketing content?

Make Your Content Stand Out with Issuu’s Unique Page-Flip Reader

Issuu’s unique reader has a standout page-flip feature to make your content stand out. Embed your reader on your brand’s site or blog to promote your content, and let your audience experience your digital content in a beautiful way.

Create & Share Interactive Catalogs with Issuu

Utilize Issuu’s shopping links feature to sell products directly from your Issuu publication. These will direct your readers to wherever they can get your business’ products or plans. Additionally, use Issuu’s seamless video embed feature to integrate video content directly into your publication.

Promote Creative Businesses with Portfolios on Issuu

Promote your creative business by sharing your portfolio work on Issuu. Share different types of portfolio work for any sub-categories of your craft, and take advantage of the SEO boost you can gain when publishing on Issuu.

Create Consumable, Mobile-Optimized Content for Sharing

Segment the articles and editorial content in your document with Issuu Stories. Use Issuu Stories to create consumable, mobile-optimized content for sharing to give potential viewers a taste of what’s in your publication. Issuu Stories are perfect for sharing on social, so you can direct readers right to the heart of your content.

Create Issuu StoriesDiversify Your Brand’s Income with Issuu Digital Sales

Sell your branded content on Issuu using Issuu Digital Sales. Get a secure content sales solution that works beautifully on any device. Sell access to your brand’s Issuu content in both single issue and subscription form.

Use Issuu Content for Email Marketing

Use your Issuu content for email marketing to introduce your audience to more of your promotional content. Share links to your publications and Issuu Stories in your email marketing campaigns and give readers fresh, exciting content to look forward to.

Use Issuu Content for Social Media Marketing

Issuu content is perfect for social media marketing. With a variety of eye-catching ways to share Issuu publications and Stories on social media, integrating Issuu into your social marketing strategy can drive more eyes to your business and promotional content. Share using stylish Issuu GIFs, our Facebook app and more–– see more in our Social Sharing Toolkit.

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