Top SEO Trends for 2021

By January 13, 2021Editorial

Top SEO Trends for 2021

2020 is officially behind us. For many this is a significant relief, but with the new year also comes a high degree of uncertainty, especially for businesses. With the vast global shift towards a virtual economy in 2020, many businesses have struggled to optimize their online presence, and have been left wondering what they can possibly do to prepare and optimize their business for whatever 2021 will throw their way. 

Throughout the past year many SEO trends have emerged that will play key roles in the world of business in 2021. The following four SEO trends are the top trends we identified that will allow you to take your SEO practices to the next level, and will help your business survive, and thrive, in 2021.

1. Chat Bots and AI:

SEO has long been associated with driving traffic to one’s website; increasing the sheer quantity of site visits in order to ultimately see an increase in conversions. However, the understanding that SEO is not just about generating increased awareness, but about engaging customers throughout the entire customer journey, has increasingly become much more prevalent. Chat bots that utilize AI play a vital role in this well-rounded approach to SEO, in that they allow companies to communicate with customers almost instantaneously and provide a high degree of specialization with regards to each individual customer’s needs. A chat bot can effectively answer simple questions instantaneously, can direct a customer to a specific team that is able to address their query, and can even work to increase conversions by engaging with the user after they take a specific series of actions. Utilizing chat bot software, or other customer service software that uses AI, will allow your company to use SEO not just to increase overall awareness of your brand, but to drive sales and increase satisfaction throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

2. Customer Reviews

For many successful companies, especially those that offer a product or service their customers truly love, reviews and referral programs are sorely underutilized. If your brand has obtained a customer base that truly appreciates your product or service, it is vital that you leverage this positive feedback for further growth. Actively asking customers for reviews, and then highlighting customer testimonials on your website or social media can make a significant impact on the way your brand is seen by potential customers. Weaving customer reviews into your brand’s content not only increases the credibility of your brand, but demonstrates to potential customers that you are able to form a real human connection with your audience and provide a meaningful customer experience.

3. Relevant Information and Content

Long gone are the days when a business could get away with an out-of-date web page or incorrect delivery information. The past year has shown us that it is vital for businesses to have relevant and accurate information on all their online platforms. With ecommerce spiking across the country, it has become extremely important that businesses constantly update their digital presence to make sure all information, especially information pertaining to delivery, hours of operation, and COVID-19 procedures, is constantly updated. Furthermore, it is extremely important that all content your company produces demonstrates a keen awareness of the current social and political climate, and that your content effectively deals with these modern issues. More so now than ever, customers are looking to know that the companies they do business with have a social and ethical conscience, and are working to make not only an economic impact, but a social impact on today’s society. Optimizing your online presence with up-to-date information and highly relevant content can help your business obtain and maintain a competitive advantage throughout 2021.

4. Visual Identity

Last, but not least, is visual identity. Clear images, stunning graphics, and well edited video have always been important when it comes to building a brand, but 2021 has exponentially increased the value of well curated visual content. In 2021 our economy is more digitally-focused than ever before, and as such the wealth of content available for consumption can be overwhelming at best, and utterly confusing at worst. For businesses, this means that visual appeal is extremely important. Being able to visually stand out allows your business to gain an edge over its potentially less graphically appealing competitors, and demonstrates to potential customers that your business cares about the experience you provide for customers.

As seen below, Distraction Magazine expertly utilizes images and graphic art in their publications to engage with readers.

2020 has shown us all that the field of SEO is expanding and shifting; paid ads and search rank are still important metrics to benchmark and improve, but SEO as a whole has grown to cater to the customer’s needs and perceptions at all points along the customer journey. It is just as important to generate awareness as it is to cultivate long term relationships with customers that ultimately work to increase reach on a much broader scale. The world of business can be daunting, but we hope these tips help provide some actionable steps businesses of all sizes can take in the upcoming year. For more tips on how you can best optimize your business for 2021, take a look at the Issuu blog.

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