Overtime? Over It! How to Avoid Burnout

By October 1, 2018Editorial

Burning that midnight oil? Don’t burn yourself.

We all know the feeling–– you’re working late, your eyes are strained and you’re ready to go home. Even if you work from home, there’s a real difference between working from home, and home. But in this world where technology puts so much exciting stuff at our fingertips, how do we shut off? It’s hard to avoid burnout in the hustle, but we’ve put together some tips to help you hold it together.

Avoid burnout with these simple tips:

Don’t check your phone in bed

Whether you’re falling asleep or just waking up, that little buzz can jolt you awake. “What now…” you think to yourself as you take just one last peek before you put your phone down. But then, you see another email you hadn’t noticed before. Maybe a couple of Slack messages, too. Why not just check them to get rid of the notification? Stop. Not all jobs make this entirely easy, but if you can, don’t let yourself be on call. The more you make yourself available, the more you’re expected to be available.

Use your lunch breaks

Although there are some great al-desko recipes, try to step away from your desk for your lunch break. Even if you’ve only got 30 minutes, that’s 30 minutes you can use to unwind and regroup before your next set of tasks.

Read on your commute

Avoid burnout tips

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Instead of reading your emails, try reading other material. Issuu Stories are perfect reading material for your commute; a variety of topics in a bite-sized, mobile format so you can find the content you like now. Forego the work-related stuff until you’re actually at your desk, on your work hours.

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Take a nice long shower

If you can, take a long shower. Your technology can’t get you in there, after all! Give yourself a true minute to relax, instead of taking a power-shower. You’ll thank yourself later for that downtime to unwind.

Important reminder

The most important reminder when trying to avoid burnout is this: you are only as available as you allow yourself to be. If you don’t want to be emailed late at night, stop replying to emails late at night. Let yourself be your priority.

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