The Most Important Content Marketing Idea of 2020: The Minimally Viable Content Marketing Campaign (MVCMC)

By February 10, 2020Content Marketing

Content marketing is important (or should be important) for your business. As you plan and prioritize, you’re looking for compelling ideas you can bring to life, fast. 

We’ve blogged about the value of the Minimally Viable Campaign (MVC). Of equal importance is applying MVC principles to your content marketing efforts.

WTH is an MVCMC?

The Minimally Viable Product (MVP) is all about getting the most value out of the least amount of time, talent, and resources. 

The MVCMC combines the MVP model with our continued focus and support on the talents you already have.

If you’re familiar with our purpose-based insights for marketers looking to kickstart or ramp up performance, you’ll see that putting your organization and its story at the heart of how you approach creating content is what separates the good from the truly great. 

The Three Keys To A Successful MVCMC 

While there’s no single method for successfully running an MVCMC, you can create an MVCMC initiative at your organization by following these three steps we affectionately call:

  • Researching with the people you know
  • Getting it out there
  • Testing before investing

Talk to your people

An MVCMC is all about learning fast. Talking to people you already have a relationship with—current stakeholders, partners, customers, even your friends—can jump-start the ideas that will fuel your campaign thinking.

But the biggest value of what’s technically called “market research” is the opportunity and insights it provides when you get ready to create content marketing. 

For what is content marketing but marketing that isn’t trying to sell you something; rather, the best content marketing helps your current and potential customers, clients, and followers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges businesses in your market are trying to solve.

The goal of talking to a few people familiar with your space is, interestingly enough, a deeper understanding of what you need to do to address the challenges of the market your business operates in with your content marketing program.

Get it into the wild

Your interviews now serve as your research. 

Leverage what you’ve learned to create content marketing that addresses the unique needs of your marker—for examples of how Issuu can help see our blog on catalogs and lookbooks

Do it quickly. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember: You want to create something that’s simply good enough to be viable. The urgency of this step is meant to push you and your team to get your creative out into the wild. 

> See how you can turn your PDFs into an Instagram Stories.

Create your content marketing flywheel 

The MVCMC concept—with its emphasis on speed-to-market—may seem completely counter to the approach of content marketing. If the purpose of content marketing, in general, to educate, then why rush?

We’re not advocating low-quality work. There’s always a trade-off between quality and the demands of your business. 

So, after investing an appropriate amount of time creating initial assets, it’s time to get your blogs and infographics and eBooks and everything else into the wild.

The key thing to remember in the MVCMC process is understanding when you’ve gathered enough information by testing your creative in the market—on Facebook or with Google Ads—to understand its effectiveness.  

The goal here is to quickly get an understanding of your campaign in-market—and then quickly evolve your content to better meet the needs of your prospects.

A final thought

Content marketing can be a powerful lever for driving engagement and lead generation, especially in industries with high-involvement, multi-step buying journeys. 

For marketers who need to drive demand, the cost of waiting for the perfect strategy and the perfect creative may ultimately be too costly for the business. The MVCMC model is an effective method for establishing an effective content marketing strategy.

In 2020, isn’t it time for the MVCMC?



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