7 Special Halloween Editions From Issuu Publishers

By October 7, 2020Editorial

7 Publishers' Takes on Halloween 2020

All Hallow’s Eve, more commonly known as Halloween, is traditionally known as a night for ghouls and goblins alike to come together and celebrate the “spooktacular.” With COVID-19 in the picture, what does this coveted holiday look like in 2020?

Here are seven Issuu publishers’ takes on Halloween 2020:

Monterey Bay Parent

Monterey Bay Parent asks the question on everyone’s mind this year: Has Halloween Been Cancelled? Their answer? No way! There are lots of Halloween fun to be had even in pandemic life. Read along to see some ideas and tips to get your spook on.

San Diego Family

Monterey Bay isn’t the only Californian neighborhood having fun this Halloween. San Diego Family also published a dozen activities to be done in this socially distanced world. They even include some health and safety tips to make sure families and kids have a safe and supported Halloween.

SPOILER Magazine

For many teens and adults, horror movies are a staple of the Halloween experience. Cover the kids’ eyes for a moment as SPOILER Magazine walks through the top 20 horror movies for a frightful night in.

Our Broomfield Magazine

The kids can now rejoin the fun as this classic family activity takes off: pumpkin carving. Both Monterey Bay Parent and San Diego Family suggest it, but Our Broomfield™ Magazine goes into detail about how to get pumpkin carving just right. Not to mention, how to turn those seeds into tasty snacks afterward! And what is Halloween without snacks and sweets?

Anaverde Magazine

And speaking of sweets, the good old fashioned caramel apple doesn’t have to be out of reach this season! Anaverde Magazine has you covered on how to make the perfect caramel apples, with several choices of topping ideas to boot.

Neapolitan Family

Ready for more family-friendly recipes? Neapolitan Family takes on the magical journey of everyone’s favorite wizarding cookbook. From Pumpkin Juice to Butterscotch “Beer” to Talonless Beef Casserole, have a festive feast everyone will love!

The Samhain Society

Last but not least, The Samhain Society brings out all things Halloween. From lessons about Halloweens of yesteryear to introducing kids to the world of horror movies and even to a fun short story – The Sanhaim Society has it covered.

The new pandemic-riddled world can be scary in of itself, but socially distant doesn’t necessarily mean socially isolated. It is a blessing that there are publications keeping everyone connected and lively, especially on Issuu! Turn this year into a Halloween family and friends won’t forget.

Thought of some ideas for Halloween while reading? Got other publications that should be on this list? Hit that like button and comment to let us know!


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