The Best Platforms for Marketers in 2020

By August 24, 2020Editorial

Top 5 platforms for Marketers in 2020

There is no doubt that we are in a digital age. Whether it’s personal, education, or business, technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives. It comes with no surprise that the toolkit for marketing has become almost entirely digitized as well. Not all marketing platforms are created equal, however. Luckily, Issuu is here to help discern which ones are worth investing in- both with money and, more importantly, time.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is self-explanatory in many ways. It is the utilization of technology and the internet to promote and sell products and services. Whether it be social media marketing, email marketing, or search marketing depends on the audience and scope of the product or service.

To compete in today’s playing field, a brand needs to have an online presence, whether that be on social media or a dedicated website. However, it can be overwhelming to manage all the moving pieces of a digital marketing campaign manually. That’s where marketing platforms come in.

1) Hubspot

Hubspot is a one-stop-shop leader in marketing platforms for two reasons: they are founded on “inbound” or the notion that people want to be helped and not harassed and are also compatible with any size business. From email and social media marketing to lead management to analytics, Hubspot provides automation so time can be spent interacting and investing in consumers.

2) Spokal

Like Hubspot, Spokal aims to provide several solutions in one place. They aim to ensure “you’re maximizing your content marketing dollars and time.” Most notably, they have a very friendly UI- a drag and drop content editor, image editing, SEO advice, and more. Small and medium businesses would benefit the most out of Spokal.

3) Brand24

More niche, Brand24 is an application that helps users identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors. Their Influence Score and Sentiment Analysis helps marketers get a quick and accurate feel for how things are going, helping them understand the customers better. It attracts small and medium businesses as it is affordable and has high quality, though basic features.

4) Sprout Social

Where Brand24 helps marketers understand consumers, Sprout Social takes it a step further and also helps reach and engage them. Social media management, social media customer service, analytics, and marketing are just some of the things you can accomplish using this platform.

5) MailChimp

While Mailchimp is best known as an email marketing platform, it is another all-in-one platform, but targeted specifically at small businesses. According to TrustRadius, “Mailchimp is designed to put the audience at the center so users can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online.” The product speaks for itself.

Marketing in 2020

Whichever platform may be used, one thing is for sure: Marketing has evolved and is going to continue to do so. It is important to keep on top of this with the right platforms to optimize the time and money spent on brands and products.

Have a favorite missed here? Tried a platform and have feedback? Let us know in the comments below!

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