The Benefits of Digital Publishing

By November 30, 2017Business

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When it comes to going digital with your content, we know a thing or two. Whether it’s your first time publishing or you’re a seasoned print publisher deciding if you want to make the switch to digital, here are a few important factors — and benefits — to consider.

Distribution Possibilities are Endless
When you publish digitally, you publish globally. At the click of a button, your publication can be seen by readers across the world. Your audience is no longer limited to specific distribution markets, allowing you to expand your readership and create an even more global perspective for your publication. Add the ease of sharing said publication via social media and email, and your audience is as big as you’d like to make it.

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Keep Costs Down
Digital publishing allows you to decrease or forego print versions of your publication. This keeps printing and distribution costs down and allows your business to allocate those financial resources to other areas that need the funds more.

Easily Monetize
On top of keeping publication costs down, publishing digitally also affords your business the opportunity to easily monetize. With Issuu’s Digital Sales, you can get paid through Issuu directly by your readers. Even more, with the capability to preview your publications, your readers are more enticed to purchase.

Ability to Update
Need to make a last minute change or update an error? Having a digital publication gives you the ability to easily make those changes, de-stressing your life from tiny distractions. The ability to re-upload and update publications instantly gives editors peace of mind in those final stressful days before release.

Ready to get started? Head over to Issuu’s Digital Sales page to learn how you can start monetizing your publication.

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