The Basics of Issuu Statistics

By March 7, 2019Business, Inside Issuu

How to Use Issuu Statistics

Issuu’s sophisticated statistics system is designed to show you all about how people read and engage with your digital content. These are updated every day at midnight UTC for Issuu publishers. In your Issuu account, your statistics are located at issuu.com/statistics. Issuu does not track unique readers, so if a reader views your content multiple times, all of their views are counted.

What does each Issuu statistic mean?

Impressions are the number of times that your publication was shown on the Issuu network, whether as a thumbnail in a feed, in search results or on websites with the content embedded.

Reads are counted when your publication is opened and a user performs an action by flipping the page, zooming, etc. or stays for more than two seconds.

Read Time is counted once the content has loaded for more than two seconds ie. when it is considered a Read. It will be presented in the hours:minutes:seconds format.

Average Time Spent is the Read Time divided by Reads.

Followers are the Issuu users who are following your account. These accounts receive updates when you publish something new on Issuu.

Likes are from Issuu users who have liked your content.

Shares are the number of times that your publication has been shared through the Share button.

Times Stacked are the number of times your content has been added to an Issuu Stack.

Link-Outs are the number of times that link(s) have been clicked on within your content.

What do I do with Issuu statistics?

Issuu statistics are a tool you can use to share vital readership information. For your own team, this is valuable information to figure out what kind of content resonates the most with your audience. Being able to track statistics on Issuu allows you to gather information to improve your publishing content. Issuu statistics can also be used to attract partners and advertisers who might like to know things like reads, link-outs and other specific page-level information. Issuu statistics are great to use in media kits, planning for your next issue and your own publishing strategy.

Issuu Statistics Under Our Plans

On Issuu’s free Basic and Starter plans, you will have access to only lifetime statistics. This means you can see the statistics from all-time of your publications. To get more of a detailed look at statistics at page and content level, these are available on Issuu’s Premium plan. On Issuu Premium, use Issuu statistics to learn which content you’re publishing that is most popular, which pages are being read, which links are being clicked, where your readers are reading from and how they’re reading your publication.

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