Social Media: Quality vs. Quantity

Social media is the perfect platform to give your publication more exposure, expand upon your editorial stories and increase engagement and publication viewership. But, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go into content overload to have good social media game. Within social media marketing, there’s a fine line between having a strong voice and having a voice that is more annoying than engaging. To be a successful social media marketer, and to create strong social content, always know that less can still be more. When posting on social, focus on creating quality content that aligns with your brand and take into consideration these extra social media marketing tips.

Know Your Followers

To optimize engagement on your social platforms, understand your followers. Using simple analytics tools like the free Instagram Business account can get you info on weekly impressions, posts with the most engagement and statistics about your followers. By knowing what your followers like and dislike and when they are viewing content, you will be able to post content more efficiently. Of course, you want your content to be seen as much as possible, but more importantly, you want it to be content that your viewers want to see.

Post with Purpose

To gain a large social presence, it is key to remain active and post frequently. Using a post scheduler, like Tailwind or Sprout Social, is the perfect way to ensure this. But, when posting, be sure to post with a purpose and just for the sake of posting. The simplest mistake you can make is to schedule your content too far in advance. Instead, consistently work on your schedule and make sure your content aligns in a timely fashion with current events, the seasons and your most current publication. Is there content your followers really love? Give them more! Is there a trending social event? Use social media to your advantage and join the conversation! Social media and your followers are changing everyday so make you sure your content is moving with them.

social media marketingUnderstand Different Platforms

Currently, there’s a wide variety of social platforms that you can use to share your content, but you don’t need to spread yourself thin and have a presence on every single one of them. Instead, focus on which platforms your viewers are most likely on. A general rule of thumb would be to stick with the top dogs- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Posting content on all of these platforms ensures that your social campaigns will gain viewership. However, try not to post the exact same thing on each one. These platforms are all unique and different for a reason, so curate your content based on each individual account. Strong visuals and gorgeous photos? Head over to Instagram and Pinterest. Looking to promote a recent editorial section? Give that a share on Facebook! Have a quick blurb you want your followers to hear? Twitter’s your answer. The key to successful social media content is to maintain a unique and relevant voice —  no one wants to hear the same thing twice.

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  • Owen Carver says:

    Yeah, I agree quality over quantity for sure. But also, I think there is quality in documentation, even though documentation can seem like volume with lower quality, as long as it’s part of an on-going story then I think the quality carries over as an arc in an on-going timeline for those followers who are staying with your story.

  • Quantity is dominating…

  • Priya says:

    Hi issuee Team,
    i really love this post , because i am too much addicted for social media well as i am blogger too. so today i got to learn from you that difference between quantity and quality .
    This is very helpful for me.
    Thanks !

  • laurent says:

    I live the angle from which you approach social media strategy : quality of quantity ? In my own life, I always err on the side of quality but seeing people posting the same post 5 times on twitter make me wonder to be honest… In regards to the last paragraph : what about putting ALL your efforts on one paltform. For example : pinterest if this is where you main target hang online ?

  • Jatin Nahar says:

    Social media is the perfect platform to give your publication more exposure, expand upon your editorial stories and increase engagement and publication viewership this is the correct. You can get as much exposure through social media. But for gaining it you need to know about the balance between quantity and quality. Good quality content with decent number of quantity can grow your business rapidly. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  • Mamun Mondol says:

    Agree with you ! Most of the people doesn’t quality post.They came to the social media and post everything . Some kinds of matter doesn’t nee to post and doesn’t create any value to the others people.I hope after reading your post they will know quality vs quantity. Thanks

  • Sarah Alfred says:

    The value of social media marketing to businesses isn’t just in the ability to promote content to the masses, it’s in the ability to promote quality content that builds a community and virtual following over time. It’s also in the ability to influence behavior by getting your audience to engage and interact with you. So, while it’s good to be active on social media and post lots of content, the key to ROI is driving traffic to your marketing funnels and getting your target audience to convert.

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