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What does a social media manager do?

Now more than ever, brands are relying on social media to build their brand presence and online personal. Additionally, brands leverage social to drive revenue and viewership. If you love the ever-evolving media landscape, love following buzzing social trends, and spend a majority of your time online — perhaps a social media manager job is right for you. Keep reading to understand exactly what social media managers do.

General Description

Social media manager are the eyes, ears, and voice behind a brand’s social. They’re the backend hustlers that develop a company’s social media strategy and manage their social channels. Those channels most likely being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. As a social media manager, it’s their responsibility to ensure a company’s vision is correctly displayed via social. In addition to crafting the content for social channels, social media managers also analyze the results of their social content. Thus, ensuring they’re best leveraging social tools.

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Daily Activites

As a social media manager, one’s day-to-day responsibilities typically revolve around being plugged in and online. Here’s what a social media manager is typically doing during their work-day:

  1. Monitor Social Channels: As a social media manager, it’s imperative to monitor the activity around your company’s social channels. This means you are keeping a close tab on who’s liking your content, who’s following you, and what their saying. Customers and followers turn to brand’s social media channels for questions and answers. Thus, social media manager’s must answer to followers quickly and efficiently.
  2. Craft & Schedule Content: Social media managers must also craft, post, and schedule social content. First, they must understanding their company’s goals.  Whether it’s driving sales for a certain product or viewership for a new publication, a social media manager must then craft content that will best achieve the goals desired.
  3. Develope a Social Strategy: Behind every company’s stellar social content is a social media strategy. Most social media strategies are composed of detailed brand guidelines. Thus ensuring a company’s persona is correctly broadcasted. Additionally, a social media strategy also outlines social goals, social content, and the specific time and social channel it will be published.
  4. Analyze Results: Last, and certainly not least, social media managers must analyze the results from their social media campaigns. This involves tracking social metrics such as likes, clicks, follow, and shares. Noting changes over time, and changes between certain types of content, a social media manager must then evolve their social content around the results they find.

How to be successful

Here’s a few quick tips to be a successful social media manager:

  1. Pivot with your results: The best way to grow your social following and increase your social media activity is to pivot with your results. Thus, if you see a certain type of content perform well, post more of it!
  2. Listen to your followers: One of the most valuable piece of any brand’s social channel is it’s followers. So, use them. Ask your followers what type of content they’d like to see and take into consideration any feedback they give.
  3. Leverage social trends: A good social media manager always follows social trends beyond their own channels. Be sure to see what types of content perform well for other brands and leverage what’s buzzing on your own channels.
  4. Plan, plan, plan: A strong social media presence doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it takes time, effort, and planning. Be sure to plan a strong content marketing strategy for success.

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