What Social Media Influencers Can Teach Us About Marketing in 2018

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What is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is an influencer who has a highly engaged following on social media. In the past it was celebrities that major brands flocked to for partnerships, paid posts and event marketing. But in today’s social savvy world, anyone can be known as a content creator. Now, companies are leveraging the use of social media influencers to garner attention and marketing success.

Why Use a Social Media Influencer?

More and more brands are turning to social media influencers because it is often a cheaper, more effective and highly collaborative way to market. Social media influencers are often people who use their social platform as a career, a side job for fun or solely because creating content is their passion. Whether it’s a product, campaign or service companies are trying to expose— social media influencers are best to use because they actually enjoy producing content, exposing new products to their followers and building personal success through large well-known brands.

Social Media Influencer marketing is a highly collaborative experience in which an influencer will not produce content for a brand unless they believe their followers will actually enjoy it. An influencer’s brand and their content is their biggest asset — which ensures that the content they produce for you and your company will be extremely well-done and tailored for their specific audience.

What Can a Social Media Influencer Teach Us?

Niche Audiences are Highly Engaged

Social media influencers can be seen as specialists of their niche audience. They have grown a large organic following solely by producing content that their followers enjoy. They understand when their followers are online, what products their followers like/dislike and how to effectively garner their attention. Because influencers choose to produce content for specific audiences — whether it’s food, fashion, parenting or by destinations like NYC or LA, they understand exactly how to craft content for certain types of people. Niche audiences are highly engaged because they turn to their social influencer of choice for inspiration, advice, product tips and more!

Authenticity is Key

Social media influencers are becoming so successful because they offer authenticity and personalization that celebrities often can not. Of course — many people still flock to the products that are celebrity endorsed, but the questions often arise: does this celeb actually like this product and how much is this A-lister getting paid to promote this?

Social media influencers are often paid much less than celebrities or often times are not paid at all! Because social media influencers do their job out of passion, influencers are eager to work with brands just as much as brands are to work with them. Influencers are often looking to produce content and collaborate with brands for the sake of the content itself. So, where money may be a major factor for celebrities—influencers have many more factors to consider. Such as: Will my audience like this? Is this true to my brand? Does my current content match well with this product?

No influencer wants to disappoint their audience (or lose followers) so the brands they choose to collaborate with and the products they choose to promote are brands they truly believe in. With highly engaged audiences and authentic, personalized content social influencers are producing highly successful marketing campaigns that help both their own personal brand as well as the brand they’re in collaboration with.

Here are some fabulous publishers collaborating with social media influencers:

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Mad Sounds Issue 28 – The Identity Issue // Summer 2018


On the cover, Hayley Kiyoko // Featuring: Jaylen Baron, Katelyn Tarver, Minami Gessel, The Heirs, Willa Bennett and loads more.

GRUMPY MAGAZINE #11 (Summer 2018) – Ajiona Alexus

Featuring: Ajiona Alexus, The Driver Era, Lindsey Morgan, Jack & Jack, Tiffany Alvord, Hayden Byerly, Mary Mouser, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Jenna Ortega, Sarah Desjardins, Richard Harmon, Jasmine Cephas-Jones, Kelly Maker

Modeliste October 2018 with Cover Star Olivia Culpo

Modeliste Magazine October 2018 with Cover Star Olivia Culpo

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