Meet Issuu, the newest team member for your small business

By October 9, 2019Business, Content Marketing

Issuu is the multi-tool for small businesses

The origins of the team here at Issuu look like most start-ups, so we understand what it means to be a small business. Strapped for resources, or just trying to break through in your industry… we get you. The Issuu digital publishing platform was conceived with the small business, start-up, entrepreneur and solo artist/creator in mind. Our platform is intended to be a publishing solution for our users and their content marketing goals. It’s not simply about publishing professional documents, magazines, catalogs, brochures and more (even though we do that very well!). Issuu is constantly adding features that meet the needs of our users to keep them on the forefront of digital publishing.

Issuu wears the hats, so you don’t have to

Choosing Issuu as your digital publishing platform is like adding a multi-tasking member to your team. Issuu is a publishing and distributing powerhouse that brings an impressive range of skills. From design, engineering, social media, marketing & data analyst; Issuu is your multi-tool team member. Joining Issuu means less worry about engineering or development resources, content creation, analytics and much more. Don’t break a sweat when you publish or embed your content, or share to Facebook– Issuu has you covered.

Small business marketing with Issuu

Online PDF Flipbook Platform

We constantly hear from our publishers that they love the “professional” look of their magazines, documents and materials. The Issuu platform makes content and companies look more credible with a sleek, flipbook delivery. You may not know how Issuu turns your PDF into this professional flipbook, but that’s not the point. You knew to “hire” Issuu, and now you have company materials that stand out. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to screen sizes & screen types. Issuu automatically optimizes your content for beautiful spreads on desktop and slick scrolls on mobile or tablet.

Promoting Content with Issuu

Getting your brand noticed on Issuu and the web is one of the first benefits you will notice about adding Issuu to the team. Just like a Marketing Manager, Issuu is focused on growing your audience with distribution tools. Simply by publishing, you can be discovered on Issuu.com by our millions of monthly visitors. In addition to discovery and distribution, Issuu brings opportunities for small businesses to monetize content with shopping links embedded into a publication. Your digital content becomes a channel for cross-promotion with web links to partner sites, landing pages and promotions. Link to additional content that builds your brand and small business marketing strategy.

Boost your SEO with Issuu

Issuu is an SEO expert. As soon as you publish your content on Issuu, your publication is optimized for SEO and given a boost. All published content benefits from the trust Issuu has already established with major search engines. The trust is built from millions of uploads, unique monthly visitors, along with content across the internet linking to Issuu. Plus, Issuu extracts and exposes all of the text within your publication so the search engines have a better understanding of what the content is. 

Plan your content strategy ahead of time

As a small business we know your plate is full with meetings, follow-ups and more. Finding time to commit to your content marketing can be hard enough. Issuu will take on the role of “Content Manager”. Upload as many documents to the Issuu Drive, and auto-schedule content in advance. Now you don’t have to stop to launch your weekly newsletter or seasonal catalog. Issuu stays on the pulse of publishing, just like you might expect your own content manager. You know Issuu offers all of the hottest publishing formats from social Stories to AMP technology for maximizing distribution.

Discover Issuu Stories

The Stories format is the hottest content format for digital marketing in 2019. Your teammate Issuu has you positioned perfectly to create Stories to share to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more. Issuu understands the value that Stories bring to your brand. Check out the first-ever integrated Story solution by Issuu to create Stories from your uploaded content, then share everywhere. Issuu Stories offers two unique templates that combine animation, photos, text and even video into unique and engaging Stories for social media. Now you can automatically turn your seasonal catalogs, brochures or cover story into animated Visual Stories without hiring another third party. Issuu Visual Stories capture your audience in unexpected but highly engaging ways. 

Small Business Support on Issuu

Distribute content across web and social

Speaking of social media, Issuu wears the hat of Social Media Manager too for your small business. Issuu offers the Stories solution, plus turnkey sharing for all of your content to your favorite social media networks. You can embed the most recent issue of your magazine right onto Facebook or Twitter to maximize your reach. Impress your followers by creating a GIF of your content to stop scrollers in their tracks. Your uploaded content is delivered in various social formats to make sure you are maximizing reach and engagement.

Convert PDFs into AMP Stories

The engineers and developers at Issuu expand your company’s capabilities from delivering a flipbook experience to the easy embed of publications. You may not have time or resources to develop a branded app, so instead utilize the Issuu app. It’s a sleek way for new and existing readers to read your content right in the palm of their hands. Most recently, we announced the integration of Issuu Stories with Google-backed AMP technology. AMP is the “accelerated mobile project” and is the framework to create fast, beautiful webpages on mobile. AMP Stories created on Issuu receive higher priority on the Google mobile search engine due to the AMP format. The AMP technology process usually requires extensive engineering resources and expertise. Thankfully your small business doesn’t need to make this hefty investment, it’s already included in your Issuu plan.

Learn more with Issuu Analytics

Of course Issuu isn’t just about content creation & distribution. The Issuu platform provides important analytics and statistics about your content and readers. Issuu Analytics offer page-level data so you can see what type of content really resonates with your readers. Review how much time they spent on a page or publication and the location of your readers too. Issuu Analytics can, in turn, inform your future content strategy and small business marketing. Look to Issuu to give your helpful insights into who you are engaging and when. Plus, if your content includes advertising and partnership links, you’ll have statistics to share with those partners.

Get started with the Issuu Story Cloud

We understand that small businesses need to maximize their resources, teams and tools. Issuu is already a key member of a few notable small businesses from Sweet Paul Magazine to Acorns, a Denmark-based clothing boutique, to self-published legal expert Anna Lozynski. Join Issuu today for your small business digital publishing and content marketing goals. Check out the Creator Hub to see how even more small businesses enjoy all of the skills this multi-tasking team member has to offer.

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