sisterMAG Celebrates 50 Issues on Issuu

By July 13, 2019Publisher Spotlight

sisterMAG 50th IssuesisterMAG Celebrates 50 Issues on Issuu

With the release of their July 2019 issue, sisterMAG celebrates 50 wonderful issues. They have published on Issuu since their first issue in 2012. I guess it’s true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun! The publication is celebrating its 50th issue all month long. It’s time for a digital party!

Learn more about sisterMAG

In case you’re not familiar with sisterMAG, they are a digital magazine made in Berlin. Publishing in both German and English, sisterMAG dives into fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Their magazine celebrates and caters to women with diverse interests. Each month, sisterMAG publishes beautiful and thoughtfully curated digital editions on Issuu. sisterMAG has used Issuu since its very first issue. They started with Issuu because it gave them a platform to start from nothing. Since then, an incredible brand has been built thanks to the power of digital publishing.

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The story of sisterMAG

sisterMAG was founded by sisters Thea Neubauer and Toni Sutter, and her husband Alex Sutter. Over seven years ago, a hobby started by the two sisters turned into a full-on publishing company. Carry-On Publishing GmbH was founded to grow sisterMAG. Toni Sutter speaks on the creation of the company and brand:

“When we founded our digital publishing company Carry-On Publishing GmbH, we started as a family and turned our passion for producing a magazine into a career. Since then, a lot has happened. We are still a family business through and through, but we are continuously growing and have 12 permanent employees by now, who put their heart and soul into every issue each month. To the next 50 issues!”

Every issue is created with the help of over two-thousand national & international contributors. They are published in both German and English to reach a broader audience internationally. The connection that sisterMAG has with their audience doesn’t just lie in the magazine. You can also find sisterMAG active on social media. Their anniversary month celebrations heavily involve social media, including Instagram giveaways and more. They are even giving their readers the chance to be their new cover model.

“Our mother and chief designer Evi will make the winner a customized outfit which will then be shot in our typical style. We are already looking forward to it a lot!”

Follow sisterMAG on Issuu to keep up with their digital editions. Congratulations to their whole team for 50 wonderful issues!

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