Should I Start a Magazine in 2020?

By October 18, 2019Business, Editorial

Should I start a magazine in 2020?

It might not seem like the thing to do. It might seem daunting with little payoff. But there are few better feelings than creating something from nothing, putting your heart and soul into it, and sharing it with others. So, if you’re on the fence, here are some reasons why you should start a magazine in 2020.

Should I start a magazine?There Are Things Worth Writing About

If you want to start a magazine but have no idea what about, go niche! We’ve already written on the benefits of starting a niche publication, but they cannot be highlighted enough. Niche publications draw in committed and loyal audiences. Furthermore, in those niches, you’re typically only competing against yourself, meaning there is more space for your magazine to be noticed and read. 

A good way to find a niche is to combine two things that you’re interested in that you wouldn’t usually expect to go together. If you can find a way to link them, start working on content calendars. Brainstorm ideas for editorial and creative pieces. Before you know it, you’ll have an editorial schedule, a concept, and, importantly, a mission statement. And with that, half the battle is over and you’re well on your way to starting a magazine.

There Are More Platforms Than Ever Before

The barriers to entry in the magazine industry used to be massive. Obviously we can’t all come into the industry and immediately compete with Vogue. But, it’s easier today than ever before to both design, create, and publish a magazine. Self-publishing has always been around, but printing costs have always required massive amounts of fundraising or sacrificing magazine real estate to ads that interrupt the flow of your content. 

With online publishing through Issuu, you can publish your magazine online, seamlessly integrate it into your brand to boost readership, and take back creative control, all for free. We’re here to help creators create, and to connect that content to the right readers.

So why start a magazine in 2020? Because now more than ever before, you can.

Why wait? Start your magazine now!

Issuu can help your magazine thrive. We’re here to connect content to people, and as part of that mission, we are committed to helping you publish your magazine in the best way possible. Looking for more info on how to get started? Check out the Issuu blog for more posts, updated continuously.

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