Share your Local Business with an International Audience

By October 21, 2019Editorial

Share your Local Business with an International Audience

Learning about the global economy is valuable whether you have a plan to expand internationally or not. In our networked world trends in countries other than our own often find their way into our lives. Issuu can help your local business reach an international audience. Ultimately, it is about finding out “what customers in different communities have in common” [1].


If you want to go global take your time doing market research. You cannot put a price on cultural competency. As an extreme example, don’t market hamburgers in areas of India with strong Hindu influence. Also, don’t just google translate your copy. Chances are there is someone out there more than happy to help your small business with your translations. Know your audience, and do not assume because it works in your environment that it will everywhere else. Ask questions like: How large is the market? What existing products and services are there in this new locale? How am I different? [2]

Use data from Issuu Analytics and other social media sites as a way to figure out if people from other countries are already interacting with your brand. If not, look at international brands in similar sectors. Where have they been successful?


Now that you have an idea of potential markets limit your target audiences. You cannot reach all corners of the globe at once. Curate a marketing schedule around the needs of this new consumer base. Ask yourself questions about distribution. Do you need an international distributor? Is an Amazon enough? Merely exposing people to your brand is no good if people cannot act on it. With Issuu Sales we make it easy for local businesses to sell digital publications internationally, and safely, through our integration with Stripe. You can sell single issues or entire subscriptions from the Issuu Embed or website.

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Build a relationship with your audience before you sell. You’re the new kid, remember? Gain their trust like we gain the trust of new acquaintances in our social lives. Social media campaigns are an excellent way of achieving this. Issuu Stories is a workspace that creates attractive Story posts shareable across all social media. Guide people through a unique journey. This is especially important if your target audience is unfamiliar with your product or service. Invest in campaigns that focus on user education [1].

Or try an engagement campaign. For example, the home sharing platform Airbnb launched a hyper-successful campaign asking for user engagement with the slogan #OneLessStranger. It encouraged those who staying at a bnb and those hosting co-create videos with the hashtag. Opening up your house to strangers was a brand new scary idea, but they made it seem fun and safe with user contributions [2].

Another approach is seen in Spotify. They focus on helping people find something new. Not just genres and categories but moods and experiences which naturally find their way into people’s habits and routine [2]. Create quizzes, mood boards, questionnaires that make people feel involved in creating their personal product journey.

[1] What is good global marketing?

[2] How to Take Your Company Global

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