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By December 15, 2019Business

Issuu Sales

You’ve put in the work and published a magazine. Now, scale up your publication with Issuu’s digital sales features. Issuu Sales is a secure content sales solution that works seamlessly on any device thanks to the Issuu Story Cloud. Issuu Sales allows publishers to sell access to their content on Issuu, as a subscription or sell as single issues.

What’s the benefit of selling content as a subscription?

With Issuu Sales, publishers have the option to sell their content as single issues, as a subscription, or as both. No one digital sales method is best for all, but, selling your content in a subscription format reaps great benefits. If you choose to sell your content as a subscription base, you then have a more guaranteed viewer base. With that, you can more strategically plan your content around your subscribers, which in turn will result in better viewership on your publication. Additionally, if you set your publication to a subscription base, you will have more solidified revenue — so, you can worry less about money, and more about the content at hand.

Highlights of Subscription-based Digital Sales:

Beautiful & Mobile-Ready: Your viewers can purchase your content to view on any device, in a stunning and seamless PDF viewer format.

Sell Anywhere: With Issuu’s world-wide capabilities, your customer base can go global.

Easy Setup & Optimization: Issuu Sales is the digital sales solution for both the beginner and the expert content creator. You control what previews and cover price work for your business and content.

Fast & Fair Payment: Get paid directly by your readers with Stripe. Set-up s easy, and fund deposit directly to your account.

Single Or Subscription: With the ability to sell as both a single issue or as a subscription, you ensure sales will be made. Leverage the subscription bases sales with a discount incentive for your readers.

Controlled Access: Ensure only verified purchasers get full access to your Issuu content. Thus, control downloads, in a click.

How to Increase Subscription Sales:

Give readers a sneak-peak into your content with the help of Issuu Stories and Visual Stories. With Issuu Stories, create short-form glimpses of your content. Thus, your potential readers can get an idea of the content inside and be more inclined to buy! Additionally, entice your readers with Visual Stories. With slick, vivid, image-based designs, you can share your Visual Stories to social draw in more subscription sales revenue.

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