Legally Innovative: How Anna Lozynski Elevated Her Business with Digital Publishing on Issuu

How ‘Legally Innovative’ author Anna Lozynski used Issuu Digital Sales to Sell Ebooks

Anna Lozynski is an executive general counsel and author. She believes that legal innovation is invigorating, change is energizing and efficiency will never go out of fashion. Anna chose Issuu Digital Sales to sell PDFs online of her ebook, Legally Innovative. We sat down with Anna to understand how Issuu powers her ebooks and what features she uses to elevate her business with the sale of ebooks.

Why Anna Lozynski chose Issuu to sell PDFs online

I chose Issuu as a publisher because it was aesthetically pleasing and provides for an unexpected reader experience for legal content.

The ebook is a vehicle to broadcast my mission to help other lawyers “do law” differently, by adopting a progressive mindset.

With a foreword from Professor Scott Westfahl of Harvard Law School, my ebook Legally Innovative has three sections: Be Bold, Be Curious and Be Disruptive. At the end of each of section there are W.O.W [aka Ways of Working] Goals to support readers. It’s been described as refreshingly different, practical and it cuts to the chase.

How Anna engages and entices her readers

Using a combination of channels at differing intervals has proven to be most effective thus far. I primarily play on LinkedIn and Instagram (@legallyinnovative if you want some visual innovation inspiration), as well as posting on a blog attached to my website.

Recently I have started collaborating with other lawyers and this is also helping spread the legal innovation yuletide, as I call it.

Regular content is king. And for lawyers, word of mouth and referrals can be powerful.

How to price an ebook

This may be more of an art than a science. Consider what the content is worth, its uniqueness, how much you have invested into it – all relative to the market.

Allow room to run promotional offers. It’s much easier to discount a publication than to increase its price after launch. To that end, you may wish to ask a few trusted friends who have read a sample of your publication what they would pay. Give yourself some time to think about it; it’s not a decision to be rushed. Intuitively, the right price will “feel” right.

Tips to sell more ebooks and sell PDFs online

To be honest, I am still testing and learning the right formula, being a newbie to Issuu.

My learnings thus far are:

1.     Maintain a big picture outlook and a long-term view for your publication.

2.     Be generous with sharing content from your publication, whether via Issuu or a blog.

3.     Find influencers who align with your brand to help generate buzz.

4.     Experiment, and often.

5.     Cross fertilise content and a link to your publication across a few social media channels.

6.     Don’t give up. It’s as they say – there’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.  

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