Sell More Products By Understanding Your Analytics

By March 12, 2020Editorial

Understanding Analytics to Sell Products

Understanding analytics is crucial for understanding your audience. And if you know how your readers are engaging with your content, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to sell to them. As you know, you can now check out your account’s analytics by going to issuu.com/statistics. With that information at hand, here are some tips on how to sell more products by understanding your analytics.

Boost the content that your audience is engaging with

The online world moves quickly. It’s important to be able to react in real-time to what your audience is engaging with. On Issuu Premium, your statistics can show you which individual content you’re publishing is getting the most impressions, which pages are being read, and which links are being clicked on.

If you know which content is getting the most impressions, make sure to boost it as much as you can to continue the momentum. Try promoting that content on your social media platforms! Also, include ads on the pages you know are getting the most traffic. Take advantage of that visibility!

Design based on how your audience is engaging

With statistics, you can know exactly how your audience is engaging with your content. If you know a majority of your readers are using desktop or mobile, you can cater your content to their reading experience. By designing with your audience in mind, you’ll create an experience they’ll want to return to. Turn those visitors into subscribers and customers.

For example, let’s say a majority are reading your content on a desktop. You can embed your content on your website which is super simple to read on desktop as well as stylish. Give your readers an experience they’ll want to spend time in.

Who is your audience?

While on the subject of catering your content, it’s important to remember one of the most important pieces of information you can learn from statistics. Who is your audience? Who are the people regularly engaging with your content? You can see which countries you have readers in with Issuu statistics. Once you know which countries have the most readers, you can prioritize content and products that appeal to them.

Try Issuu Premium today

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