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By September 6, 2019Business

In today’s world, everyone’s a creator. Whether its a new small business venture, a passion project turned into a full-time career or a simple side hustle, creativity lies at our core. With that, Issuu is on a mission to help creators world-wide. The Issuu Story Cloud is an integrated publishing tool determined to help brands better market their products. In other words, it’s a streamlined approach to content creation and distribution. First, publish your content to Issuu. Second, leverage Issuu’s plethora of tools to sell and market your products more efficiently. Here’s how:

Digital Sales on Issuu

Have a new product that you’re dying to show off? Create a digital magazine to best highlight its offerings. The first thought of creating a digital publication might sound daunting. Whether you’re strapped on time or have minimal design experience, Issuu is here to help. With our Free Magazine & Catalogue Templates easily craft a polished publication to showcase your products. Available for free download on the Issuu Story Cloud, these templates are compatible with Adobe InDesign. Thus, all you’ve got to do is download, design and distribute!  New to InDesign? Check out our guide to the basics.

Once you’ve uploaded your content to Issuu, it’s discoverable by 100+ global readers a month. What does that mean? That means that your products are open to a larger, global customer base. Once you’ve gained your ground in publishing — take it to the next level with Issuu Sales. Issuu Sales is a secure content sales solution that works beautifully on any device.

The basics of Issuu Sales: 

  • Beautiful & Mobile Ready: Your publication can be viewed in a sleek format, on any device.
  • Sell Anywhere: Drive sales with free previews of Stories inside your publication. Share via site & social channels.
  • Easy Setup & Optimization: You control what previews and cover price work for your business and your content.
  • Fast & Fair Payment: Get paid directly by your readers with Stripe. Set-up is easy, funds deposit directly to your account.
  • Single Or Subscription: Let your readers buy your magazine as a single issue or as part of a subscription.
  • Controlled Access: Only verified purchasers get full access to your Issuu content. Control downloads, in a click.

Market Your Product

The best way to increase sales and to broaden your customer base is to leverage marketing. Marketing allows businesses and brands to promote their offerings in an efficient manner. With the Issuu Story Cloud, we’ve got several solutions to add to your marketing toolbox:

Preview Editions:

To entice readers to purchase your product, give them a sneak peek of your work! Through Digital Sales, you can select which pages to include in a free preview edition. This edition will appear on and in the Issuu Mobile Apps — making it discoverable by our millions of monthly readers. Most importantly, there will be a prominent BUY button on your publication. Thus, making it easy for future readers to find, preview, and purchase your magazine.

Embed Editions: 

Next, once you’ve selected which pages to include in your free preview edition, embed it for more eyes to see! Luckily, Issuu makes it simple to copy and paste embed codes to your website, blog and social media.

Issuu Stories: 

Increase your digital magazine sales with Issuu Stories. In short, stories are now the most popular and impactful media format. They’re used to connect and captivate new audiences on mobile and social. With the Issuu Story Cloud, reformat your Preview Editions into mobile-friendly, easily digestible formats. Most importantly, Issuu Stories can be viewed on mobile to entice readers to purchase the full edition from anywhere in the world.

Visual Stories: 

Lastly, reformat your Sales Previews to include engaging quotes, vividly imagery and slick graphics with Visual Stories. Visual Stories allows users to share their content to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Snapchat and more in an impactful way. Thus, by downloading the Issuu iOS AppAndroid App or the Issuu Adobe InDesign Extension, anyone can now effortlessly turn their existing Sales Previews into mobile and social optimized formats. In conclusion, let impactful quotes and strong imagery grab the attention of viewers with Visual Stories, from there, makes more sales!


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