Sell More Homes with These Digital Marketing Tips

By October 12, 2020Content Marketing

Real Estate Digital Marketing Tips

As the real estate market continues to heat up, make sure your marketing game heats up with it. While traditional sales tactics may have worked in the past, now, you can leverage digital marketing to sell more homes. Here are our real estate digital marketing tips to help enhance your sales strategy:

Go all in with digital.

While real estate professionals once relied on print collateral to sell homes, now’s the time to go digital. Thus, be sure to publish your real estate newsletters, brochures, flyers and more online to increase reach. As a result, grow your potential customers and sales. With Issuu’s suite of digital publishing tools, you can create immersive marketing collateral in a sleek and cohesive fashion.

Show off your real estate listings with modern design-first brochures; a key real estate digital marketing tool. Leverage Issuu’s immersive design features you can enhance your assets like never before:

  • Easily share the PDF Flipbook: The Issuu Embed Shareable Full-Screen Reader allows you to showcase your listings directly on your own website or blog. The Flipbook boasts high-quality imagery, full branding, and mobile-optimized formatting.
  • Insert web links directly to your listing: With Issuu’s web link inserts easily direct potential clients to all of the resources they’ll need: link out to contact info, listings and more!
  • Add direct video embeds: Leverage the power of digital media with immersive media add-ons that wouldn’t be possible with print! With Issuu’s Video Embed feature, insert full videos of your listings and realtor bios to give your clientele a well-rounded understanding of who and what you offer.

Download your free real estate listing template here

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Expand with social.

Second, increase real estate sales by expanding your reach with real estate digital marketing that focuses on social. With Issuu, you can easily reformat and redistribute your content to broaden your social presence.  Up your real estate marketing game with these tools from Issuu:

  • Editorial Calendars: Follow along on the Issuu Blog for monthly inspiration on how to best craft your social content monthly. Think holidays, trends and events your audience will best gravitate to, so you can grab their attention and convert sales.
  • Issuu StoriesReformat your content into short-form, mobile-first stories that are perfect for social sharing. Use this feature to break your full real estate brochures into stories per listing — this is the perfect way to give your potential home buyers more assets with specific homes.
  • Visual StoriesIt’s no surprise that a good visual draws in customers. Use Visual Stories to create image-first content that you can share to social and use to direct prospective clientele to new listings.

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