Copywriting tips for your real estate marketing materials

By April 10, 2020Content Marketing

Real Estate Marketing: Copywriting 101

With Issuu’s integrated suite of digital publishing products, now real estate professionals can seamlessly create marketing content with ease. Whether it be a brochure, magazine, listing or social post, Issuu allows real estate marketers to create once, and share everywhere.

First, publish content, and then easily reformat it for mobile, social and more. While Issuu’s tools can ensure that your content is seamlessly designed for multiple destinations, the actual content, and copy, at hand is crucial. Keep reading for real estate copywriting tips to help improve your real estate marketing:

Keep it concise, not complex

Real estate copywriting balances a fine line between being detailed and thorough, but also short and sweet. Prospective buyers truly want to know all about a house, so be sure to highlight the property’s best features, while nixing the fluff. Not only do you want to grab the attention of future buyers, but you also want to highlight selling points to entice readers into action.

Follow this guideline to short and sweet listing copy: 

  • Include a headline that emotionally targets your buyer demographic
  • Highlight the properties best features, in simple words
  • Include information to ensure readers can take action

Avoid real estate buzzwords

Be sure to set your real estate marketing content apart from the pack. While “gorgeous”, “stunning”, and “quant” are all wonderful descriptors, they’re often overused to the point where they have no meaning. Instead of using buzzwords, focus on crafting quality, descriptive one-liners that serve a purpose and create meaning to your listings.

Keep your target buyer in mind

When crafting real estate listing descriptions and social content, be sure to keep your target buyer in mind. The more tailored and specific your copy is to the prospective buyer at hand, the most successful it will be.

What exactly does this mean? In short, create copy that speaks directly to the demographic that is likely to buy the home. If you’re selling a one-bedroom apartment, you may want to appeal to young couples and singles in your text. But, if you’re selling a four-bedroom home, you should tailor your copy to appeal to families and highlight features like a large backyard, local parks, and nearby schools.

Highlight buyer’s wants and needs

Lastly, your real estate copy should highlight your prospective buyers’ wants and needs. Again, leaning on your target demographic, be sure to explicitly label those key features your listing offers. Nows the time to boast about your properties and to let them shine.

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