Publisher of the Month: Sweet Paul

By April 5, 2019Publisher Spotlight

We’re happy to introduce April 2019 Publisher of the Month, Sweet Paul Magazine. Filled with food, crafts, lifestyle and travel, Sweet Paul Magazine is “chasing the sweet things in life!” Follow along on social as we feature exclusive Sweet Paul content all month long.

Tell us about Sweet Paul Magazine.

Sweet Paul is a magazine about my passions in life.
I kinda put my hobbies into a magazine.
The under title is “chasing the sweet things in life.”
Even have that tattooed on me.

How did Sweet Paul Magazine get started? What’s the inspiration behind it?

I have been working with and in magazines for 30 years and I was at a point in my life where I just wasn’t into being told what to do anymore.
Don’t use blue plates, no fish on the cover, etc and I decided to start my own magazine.
At first, it was a way to have a creative outlet where I could decide everything and then it grew bigger and bigger.
It felt so liberating to be able to do whatever I want. I feel its more creative that way.
I didn’t want it to be just another magazine but a product that my readers can use.
We do dellis foods, its important that our recipes are easy and doable.
The same with our craft projects, I want everything to be easy.
But there needs to be a chic’ness about both the food and everything else.

What are some challenges you face as a publisher? How do you conquer them?

Ha where to start….
Shipping, printing, deadlines, deals, etc.
I think the main thing is to realize that you can’t do everything yourself.
I’m super creative but not the best at practical things so I have help.
I have people that can help me with those things.
And keep it simple, we have no office, everyone works from home.
All freelancers.

Sweet PaulHow do you think publishing digitally has helped Sweet Paul Magazine?

So we have always had a digital edition of the magazine.
That’s how we started out, it was only online.
After two years we went into print but have always had the digital edition.
We found out that digital editions are really an important way for readers in other countries to be able to look at our magazine.
The printed issue is expensive to ship overseas, but everyone can afford a few dollars to look at it online.
Readers happy, Paul happy. Everyone is happy!

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a magazine?

You have to have a very strong and clear concept.
I as a reader should be able to look at your cover and get what it’s all about.
My suggestion would be to build your online platform first, start with a blog, social media and then turn it into a magazine.
That way you have readers ready to go.
Printing is expensive and you need to have good backing for that, so start small with digital.

Sweet Paul

What is the best part of running a magazine?

For me is that my work is my hobby.
I love cooking and crafting and get to do it every day.
I feel very free doing it.
You off course meet a lot of great people, eat tons of amazing food and some not so amazing.
But that’s life.

Each issue of Sweet Paul Magazine features fresh and exciting content. Any advice on how to keep the content flowing as well as on brand?

Surround yourself with great creative people that can make inputs.
We have contributors from all over the world.
Ignore trends, make your own.
Do whatever feels right for you, trust your gut.
The content in Sweet Paul is often what I’m into at the moment.
Anything from a story about dates based on a date farm I happen to find or some cool woman in the desert that makes her own olive oil.

What’s next for Sweet Paul Magazine?

Working on a Podcast series, maybe another book.
Oh, and taking over the world…….

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