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By October 11, 2018Editorial

We’re happy to introduce our October Publisher of the Month, P. Allen Smith. P. Allen Smith has parlayed a lifelong passion for the natural world and design, into a career that allows him to share garden design and horticulture, home, and lifestyle knowledge and insights with a worldwide audience. As a conservationist, author, and television host he is a trusted resource for tried-and-true methods as well as cutting-edge knowledge in the small farm and garden communities. Whether its old-school flocks, eating local or green innovations, he combines them all at the farm he designed at Moss Mountain—a place grounded in history, inspired by his southern upbringing and guided by modern day application.

We’ll be bringing you exclusive P. Allen Smith content throughout the month, so follow along on social and dig into their latest issue below!

Tell us about P. Allen Smith’s Naturally.

Naturally is a one stop publication for those trying to live a more natural lifestyle. From tips on planting flowers to using organic materials to decreasing one’s carbon footprint and improving the world around one’s family, Naturally has something for everyone.

What’s the inspiration behind Naturally? How did it get started?
I have a lifelong career of educating people, and this is another venue for me to be able to continue the mission of sharing that information with a larger audience.

Naturally is full of seasonal recipes, home decor and planting/gardening tips. Any advice on how to keep content new and exciting each season?

I find that I am constantly searching and finding inspiration within my community of creatives in Arkansas and in the gardens at Moss Mountain Farm. Doing so allows me to give my audience a unique voice.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Any P. Allen Smith favorite recipes you want to share with us?

Roasted Sweet Potato and Peppered Pecan Salad 

Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash 

What are some challenges you face as a publisher? How do you conquer them?
Narrowing down the content, there is so much that can be included, but you would end up with a magazine that is 200 pages long. Some of the gardening content can be challenging as well because of the various gardening zones. Getting ahead of the seasons changing is very important in that regard. .

How do you think publishing digitally has helped P. Allen Smith’s Naturally?
Being able to easily share great information with new audiences and letting more trees live, I love that we aren’t wasting paper and it saves the environment. Publishing digitally has allowed me to be able to produce more issues than we would if we were doing a print only publication.

What is the best part of running a magazine?
Being able to share all of the content and beauty with a wider audience. It wouldn’t be the same if I kept all of that information and beauty to myself without sharing it with those around me.

Any advice for publishers working to leverage social media to grow their audience?
Social Media is the best way to reach the largest number of people. The best advice would be to get to know your audience demographics. Take into consideration what social media platforms they are using most frequently and don’t be afraid to spend a little money to boost your promotions to reach a broader audience. With social media, the sky’s the limit.

How does using Issuu help with your marketing strategy?
It makes it to where we can present products, services, and educational information in a non-salesy type of way. It is a nice neutral platform for the presentation of our products and services.

Do you have any advice on growing a business through digital publishing?
Content. You have to make sure you have a good source for content, supporting photography, video. It needs to be compelling. Research your audience and identify the questions they want answered as it relates to your products and services.

What can we expect next from P. Allen Smith?
You never know! You will have to keep an eye out for our next issue of Naturally to see what I have up my sleeve!

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