Publisher of the Month: LUCY’S Magazine

By February 7, 2018Publisher Spotlight

Our Publisher of the Month this February is LUCY’S Magazine, a digital and print fashion magazine. We sat down with editor-in-chief Ramona Atkin to discuss the evolution of LUCY’S and building the publication’s brand.

Tell us about LUCY’s Magazine! How did you get started?

I started LUCY’S magazine at the beginning of December 2013. The thought of putting together a publication inspired and motivated me more than modeling ever had. I like challenges and this was a huge one for me. Starting something new is scary and exciting at the same time!

LUCY’S Magazine Vol. 32 Instagram: @LucysMagazine *** Fashion & Beauty magazine Based in Denver, CO – USA *** Call/text: 323.609.7090 *** Submit:

LUCY’s Magazine recently turned 4– congratulations! What are some of the biggest challenges that you’ve overcome as an independent publisher?

Thank you Issuu! There will always be challenges to overcome, but the biggest ones were right at the beginning: finding content seemed impossible, growing on social media was a whole new thing I had to learn, and putting together an actual print issue was again something I have never done in my life. But that was the beauty of starting this new project, to learn new skills, grow and step outside my little comfortable box and do something scary.

How do you choose your theme for each issue?

I don’t really know. I simply come up with ideas on the spot.

What are you looking for in your submissions?

Besides the already known rules: 6 to 10 looks, exclusive images and variety; I am looking for ‘wow’. I absolutely love when creators think outside the box, leave fear behind and create breathtaking imagery. Leave the fear that someone will judge you at the door, and start doing whatever the fudge you feel like you want to do. That’s when magic happens!

What is your best source of inspiration for LUCY’S content?

Instagram! There is so much amazing content on Instagram from regular people to other magazines.

LUCY’S Magazine on Instagram

Why do you choose to publish digitally on Issuu?

I love Issuu! It is easy to use, it has a beautiful clean design, and it is fast to send readers directly to my publication. Everyone who works at Issuu is professional and very helpful!

Why did you choose to create a fashion magazine?

I have always loved fashion because it is a great way to express how you feel and make a statement. Fashion besides being really fun, gives you control. If you feel amazing you can go all sparkly and colorful. When you feel quiet and moody you can go for a black dress or hide under a sweater. Fashion is amazing in so many ways!

You have a strong social following. Any advice for publishers looking to boost their following?

Find your own voice. Create a publication that represents who you are and what you stand for. That will make it unique and stand out.

What can we expect from LUCY’S in 2018?

I can’t divulge all the plans I have, but definitely some exciting collaborations and more fresh content!

Stay tuned for more exclusive content from LUCY’S Magazine throughout the month, and keep your eyes on our Instagram

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