Publisher of the Month: Crack Magazine

By May 14, 2019Publisher Spotlight

This month we are excited to feature Crack Magazine, an independent music publisher based out of the UK. They focus on modern art and music. Follow us on social for exclusive Crack Mag content for the rest of May.

Tell us about Crack Magazine.

Crack Magazine is an independent music and culture publication launched in Bristol in 2009. We set out to cover contemporary alternative music and get to know the figures and conversations that surround it.

How did Crack Magazine get started? What’s the inspiration behind it?

The magazine’s directors, designer Jake Applebee and journalist Thomas Frost, were best friends in school. After university, they came back to Bristol and when looking for work, decided to create a magazine that better represented what they were listening to and felt more in-line with their values. It’s grown from that core idea – amplifying voices from the fringes and being genuinely creative with design and presentation.

What are some challenges you face as a publisher? How do you conquer them?

Like all independent publishers creating a printed product in 2019, it’s very hard to make sure people keep picking it up. We work hard to create fantastic images and meaningful stories that inspire readers to keep coming back. From a business perspective, we’re always open to creating different products and experiences using our amazing network of creative talent. We’re always evolving, always open and always ambitious.

How do you think publishing digitally has helped Crack Magazine?

Being able to house our pages online using a platform like Issuu is great. We have amazing designers and we’re really proud of our editorial design but (until we’re distributed all over the world) we can’t show everyone the physical product. Being able to show them off online is a great help.
Also, we have a wizard-like in-house developer who works closely with our designers to make amazing web-builds for some of our big stories. Features like our Shygirl fashion shoot or our huge cover stories with Aphex Twin and Grimes all come to life with a visual approach that mirrors the print edition.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a magazine?

Perseverance, keeping friends around you and biros with different colours so you spot all the typos before sending to print.

What is the best part of running a magazine?

For us, it’s always a privilege to be able to match our favourite artists with writers and photographers who we really admire. The desire to support incredible art in any small way we can will always be at the heart of what we do.

Crack Magazine is celebrating its 100th Issue this month, congrats! Any favourite features thus far? 

It’s hard to say! We’re very proud of Issue 100, there’s an amazing cover story which feels very relevant in 2019. We’ve managed to get some of our previous cover stars back in the fold and there’s some great imagery from our years spent running around trying to get hold of artists.

What’s next for Crack Magazine? 

Issue 100 is also our first edition in New York which is mad and exciting. We’ve got parties all around the world this summer along with stages and events at festivals. There’s also Issue 101 to think about.

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