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By August 8, 2018Publisher Spotlight

We’re happy to introduce our Publisher of the Month, Stay Wild Magazine. Stay Wild is an indie publisher that features new and exciting adventures within every issue. We’ll be bringing you exclusive Stay Wild content throughout the month so be sure to follow along on social and check out their latest issue for some adventure inspiration!

Tell us about Stay Wild Magazine.

Stay Wild is a modern adventure magazine for people who are looking to share stories that go beyond what’s found in the grocery store magazine rack. We make this magazine for people who would be considered outsiders, rascals, trouble-makers, and nature lovers. The sort of adventure story we feature is a mix of responsible travel, cultural appreciation, risk and rewards found by doing things outside of what’s expected. We inspire our readers to seek adventure every day.

Stay Wild // Spring 2018

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How did Stay Wild Magazine get started? What’s the inspiration behind it?

There was a campfire ash bag I used to carry around. I’d have a driftwood fire on the beach and pour my bag of ash into it. In the morning I’ll scoop up ash from the fire and put it back in the bag. Then I’d have a campfire in the mountains and do the same with the ash. I tried to keep the spirit of my wildlife alive in that pouch. The magazine is a sort of campfire ash pouch that hopes to keep other people’s wildlife fires stoked.

Each issue of Stay Wild features new adventures, any advice on how to keep content fresh and exciting?

We keep the door open to all contributors. That way fresh ideas are more able to show up. We stay sincerely interested in what our favorite contributors are doing and invite them to do what they love all the time. When assembling teams to work on a story we try to work with the funnest folks who get along even if they’ve never met to insure the end results are joyful for readers and contributors alike.

What are some challenges you face as a publisher? How do you conquer them?

Making enough money to publish is totally a challenge and it’s usually solved by working with likeminded advertisers. A greater challenge is to look beyond the money and stay focused on the reasons I work on this magazine. Staying inspired is easier to do when you can think beyond making money and care about why you are sharing stories in the first place.

How do you think publishing digitally has helped Stay Wild Magazine?

It’s allowed us to share a pdf of the printed magazine with any internet user in the known universe.

What is the best part of running a magazine?

Creating a place to share stories that didn’t have a place to live before. Sure… everyone’s social media feeds is a place to share stories, but with the censorship and pay-to-play changes that have happened in the last couple of years indie-publishers like Stay Wild are in a place to share stories that wouldn’t be able to get the organic reach they once had. It’s very rewarding to share a story that others relate to and are grateful to see published. We recently got a hand-written letter in the mail from a woman who just wanted to thank us for making the magazine and for sharing stories from and for women. It’s super encouraging the hear we’re doing a good job from our readers.

Any advice for publishers working to leverage social media to grow their brand?

Do it for the fun of it. Play and interact. Be real, not a professional brand. Social media works best when you’re actually social.

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What are you currently working on over at Stay Wild? Any big adventures planned?

Hmmm…there are always adventures to hot springs, surf spots, campsites, and epic people to meet up with. We’re making a Water Issue in the Fall and a Road Trip Issue in the Winter. We’re dreaming of doing another adventure festival. Oh, and we’re going to print a small magazine designed to start campfires with. It’ll be free and won’t be available digitally.

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