Publishing a Digital Media Kit on Issuu

Publish a Digital Media Kit on Issuu

Publish a digital media kit with Issuu. Media kits are an absolute staple for your business when you are trying to attract advertisers and paying clients. Typically, media kits get updated every six months to a year. Using Issuu to host your media kit is a perfect way to easily send your numbers in a stylish format to advertisers. Learn more about publishing a digital media kit below.

What is a media kit?

Media kits are used by individuals and brands to display their stats to potential clients and advertisers. These can be an absolute essential for magazines, brands and influencers alike. Having a media kit is putting all of your valuable information for paying clients in one concise place. For magazines, media kits typically hold your readership statistics, geographic analytics and other important information about your core audience. For bloggers, these numbers are pretty similar. Brands can also use media kits, dependent on their industry, to share distribution and more. Media kits are designed to entice advertisers and clients to want to work with your business.

Publish a digital media kit

Why do brands use media kits?

Media kits are a really concise way to both share important information and give a sense of brand consistency. When you have a nicely designed media kit for a brand that is in line with their other branded materials, it shows the importance of brand consistency. It also gives advertisers a sense of not just your brand’s important statistics, but also of your values.

Embed your media kit with Issuu

Use Issuu embeds to embed your media kit on to your website or blog. Using Issuu’s embedding tool, you can create custom events that are in line with your brand. Change the size and colors of your embed to make it feel natural and on brand. Learn more about Issuu and beds on the Issuu Creator Hub.

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Issuu Design Templates

Want to start out with media kits, but don’t know how? Try out Issuu’s design templates. Issuu hosts several design templates free for creators to use. you can find these on the Issuu Creator Hub. Customize these in Adobe InDesign, and download our Adobe InDesign plugin while you’re at it.

The Issuu Story Cloud

Check out the Issuu Story Cloud to find out how Issuu can best serve your brand. From flipbook PDF readers to design-forward social Stories, the Issuu Story Cloud is perfect for your brand’s content distribution strategy.

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