Portfolios, Perfected: Inspiration for Digital Portfolios

By March 22, 2018Editorial

Portfolio Design Inspiration

A perfect portfolio highlights your best work, your most exquisite projects and is within itself a work of art. You want the design of your portfolio to reflect your personal style and enhance your work — not overshadow it. If you’re in need of a little portfolio design inspiration, here are a few publishers doing portfolios the right way.

Marta Mantoan’s architecture and interior design projects are divided up into three sections showcasing her academic, professional and personal projects in a clean and minimalistic portfolio. Including brief descriptive passages on each project gives onlookers a deep dive into her critical thinking and well-thought out designs.

Manaporn Suphasiri’s simplistic theme allows his art to speak for itself in his graphic design portfolio. By pairing each piece with a short abstract describing the premise and technique used to create them, the viewer can see his unique interpretation of each assignment.

Ngoc Pham uses bright colors that captivate the eye, keeping just a few key accent colors throughout the portfolio to enhance her art.

Arafa Cynthia Hamadi’s portfolio uniquely conveys her proficiency in general and program skills, giving you a visual representation of her strengths and areas for growth. Her portfolio is straightforward and neatly organizes all of her beautiful work.

Phornpawit Kamjun’s portfolio takes on a unique spin, straying away from minimalism and simplicity and opting instead for bright, punchy designs. His portfolio is a work of art that weaves in his highlighted projects, serving to highlight the artist’s commitment to his style. Personal style is always key within one’s portfolio. Be sure to show who you are. 

What do you think makes for a perfect portfolio? Do you have portfolio design inspiration to share? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out other beautiful portfolios over on Issuu!

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