How Personal Projects Can Lead to Professional Opportunities

By September 7, 2018Editorial

Turning personal projects into professional success

Aristotle said, “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Kanye said, “believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness.” They’re both onto something. You know that sensation you get sometimes, whether you’re doing the dishes, or filling in a spreadsheet, or listening to music or watching a movie, where you get this really cool idea? Something you know no one has come up with and you want to get it done because it could be really good? That’s a universal feeling. Most tech companies started out that way. Issuu started out that way. Facebook wouldn’t exist if the Zuck hadn’t had that idea in his Harvard dorm room. Call it a leap, but we wouldn’t have the banking system if some guy in the 13th century hadn’t had the completely bonkers idea to give a piece of paper the value of gold to make traveling merchant’s lives easier. These are ideas that turned ideas and personal projects into professional success.

The world is based on ideas. Ideas that turn into projects that turn into innovations that drive society forward. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life when it comes to you –– all that matters is that the idea becomes a reality. That’s why one of the biggest employer buzzwords is “initiative”. If ideas stay ideas, the status quo will never change.

Why it’s important for creatives to work on personal projects

When you start working on something that’s your idea, you’re going to make it the absolute best you can. Like raising a child, you’ll devote your time and your mental and physical energy into making sure it becomes the best it can be. Which is why personal projects make for the best professional success stories: they’re the ones with the most passion and care behind them.

How personal projects can lead to professional success

If you need proof that all it takes is passion, check out these solo editors making it work on issuu. These creators, who satiate their artistic drive as a second job, prove that passion + the right tools = creative and professional success. From fashion to art magazines, the only thing stopping these people from making their ideas a reality is their own inhibition, a very conquerable enemy.

Getting started with the right tools

We’re here to be the second part of the equation. If you have that idea, want to make it a reality, but don’t know where to start, check out our tips on how to start a digital magazine. If you’ve already got one going, and want to bring it to the digital world, Issuu’s digital publishing tools make it incredibly easy to upload your content, share it with the world, and monetize it.

If you’ve made it this far, and in the back of your head you’ve heard your creative voice nudging you towards that incredible idea you had for a magazine a few days ago –– conquer your shyness, and then, as anyone who’s created something has, believe in your flyness.

Must-reads to turn personal projects into professional success

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