The Best PDF Flipbook Platform for Content Marketers

The Best PDF Flipbook Platform for Content Marketers

As a marketer, you are constantly looking for the best way to share your brand’s message. Many marketers are using PDF content to share their product or service messaging. Regardless of if your brand is using a catalog, brochure or editorial content, your PDF content needs to be seen in a beautiful on-brand way. The best PDF flipbook platform for marketing content solution is here. Learn more about why Issuu is the best platform to share your content marketing materials.

Market Your Branded Content to a Global Audience

Issuu’s global audience allows marketers to share their branded content with a worldwide audience. With millions of unique readers consuming Issuu content on a weekly basis, Issuu is the perfect PDF flipbook platform to market your content. Issuu’s tools allow marketers to share their content across the web, email, and social media platforms in a beautiful and seamless fashion.

Whether it’s a catalog, brochure or branded editorial content, Issuu’s platform ensures that marketers provide their audience with the best possible experience. Issuu’s suite of products creates interactive and sleek brand marketing opportunities for marketers. Designers, marketers, and social media managers can all benefit from Issuu’s digital publishing tools.

Use Issuu’s Custom Embeds and Full-Screen PDF Flipbook Reader

Keep your PDF flipbook reader within your brand’s guidelines with Issuu’s custom embeds. Issuu’s custom embed creator will allow you to add your logo to your embeds. You can also customize the colors and sizes of your Issuu embeds. When uploading your publication, you can then use Issuu’s sharing tools to adjust your embeds.


Marketers can also share the shareable full-screen reader to completely immerse customers in their PDF content. These embeds can be placed on your brand’s site and blog with ease. That way, you can use an interactive PDF flipbook reader for your digital content without having it seem out of place or off-brand with your other marketing materials. Learn more about customizing Issuu embeds with the Creator Hub.

Share Stories from Your Pre-Approved Branded Content

Use Issuu Stories to share mobile-optimized content from your pre-approved branded content. Once you upload your catalog or editorial content to Issuu, you can then use Issuu Stories to convert individual segments into Stories. Issuu Stories allow you to engage with your audience seamlessly across devices. On desktop, your content will appear as a beautiful PDF flipbook reader experience. In addition, mobile, Issuu Stories will convert your marketing content into a scrollable version of your individual segment.

Social Stories for BrandsStories are the hottest format for social sharing and marketing content out there right now. More and more platforms integrating Stories into their marketing strategies. Keep your brand’s marketing content ahead of the curve with Issuu Stories. This way, using Stories will ensure inclusion for your readers across devices so your audience is exposed to the best possible brand experience, no matter the device.

Create an Interactive Marketing Experience with Video and Shopping Links

Marketers can use shopping links on Issuu to create an interactive media experience for their customers. If your content has products or services to purchase, shopping links are a great way to draw customers into the brand’s shopping experience. Shopping links create a button-like clickthrough link to let your shoppable products stand out on a page to readers. With a small shopping cart icons, readers will get right away that these links are shoppable. Shopping links are the perfect draw for your readers to get to the services and products that matter most to your brand in a quick and easy fashion.

Sell catalog content in flipbook PDFs

Issuu also allows you to embed interactive video links into your PDF content. Simply embed a YouTube or Vimeo link into your document when designing it or adding links in your upload process. Then you can use Issuu’s linking features to create a pop-out video player if you’d like your video content to be the stand-out feature on the page. If you’d prefer video to be seamlessly integrated into the page design, use Issuu’s video embed player to have the video start seamlessly in the page’s design when they flip to that page of the PDF flipbook. Above all, video content is an enticing and interactive way to make your brand’s PDF marketing content stand out.

Use Issuu’s Social Tools for Multi-Platform Sharing

Issuu’s social tools including Stories allow for skillful multi-platform sharing for marketers. Take your social sharing experience with Issuu to the next level with Issuu’s social tools. We’ve put together a social toolkit for Issuu publishers to get the most out of their social media marketing experience with Issuu. Leverage Issuu’s social tools like GIFs and embeds to raise brand awareness and share your content across every device.

Get Started with Issuu for Marketers

Learn more on the Issuu Creator Hub for what Issuu’s services offer, from PDF flipbooks to seamless Story sharing. Issuu’s solutions for marketers a Start integrating Issuu’s services into your marketing strategy today.

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