When Paris Connects with Los Angeles: How Both Cities Impact Our Content

By April 15, 2018Publisher Spotlight

A guest post by Jasmine Perrier, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Grumpy Magazine, our Publisher of the Month.

From Paris to Los Angeles 

At Grumpy Magazine, we like having no boundaries. We have neither geographical nor artistic limits. As long as I can remember, I have been passionate about traveling and the discovery of new cultures. It probably drove me to keep my eyes wide open on the world. I might me based full-time in Paris, but launching Grumpy Magazine as a digital publication has for sure allowed me not to limit my activity to my French national frontiers. Indeed I was interested in encouraging people to be open to the world as well as to others. And today, I am proud to support projects and talents across the globe, especially from Paris to Los Angeles. The most exciting part of that process is that both cities bring us completely different opportunities, and invite us to push our boundaries every time we work on something new.

Last summer, I had the chance to hang out with American designer Matt Sarafa as he flew from sunny California to the chic French capital to take part in his first Paris Fashion Week. During our chat, we agreed on one point: Paris and Los Angeles are totally different, but each of them has something special to offer in its own way. As far as I’m concerned, let me explain to you the extent to which both cities have influenced our visual design and content over time.

‘’Paris is always a good idea’’

Paris remains the fashion capital of the world, and a huge source of inspiration for me as it is a city full of history and my current ‘’pied à terre.’’ Four times a year, I am honored to attend the Haute-Couture and Prêt-à-Porter editions of the iconic Paris Fashion Week. You get to meet some of the most talented designers of the fashion world. I have never wrapped a fashion week without being amazed by pieces whose style impacted my vision for Grumpy Magazine. In addition to that, I love getting to visit the most prestigious places in Paris like The Ritz or the Hôtel des Invalides for exhibitions and shows.

‘’Los Angeles is a city of dreams’’

On the other side of the world, Los Angeles is our happy place to work with Hollywood talents and to be involved in the entertainment industry on an international scale. I have always found that California was an inspiring land for creative souls. Everyone is so open-minded there and always up to help other artists. Compared to Paris that is more of a classic style, I love the vintage and artsy vibes of Los Angeles which allow me as a visual creator to visualize and to set up nice shootings at unique places such as 70’s motels, natural parks, or rooftops right near the Hollywood Hills offering a breathtaking view on the City of Angels.

Therefore, it is a real pleasure to involve people from all over the world in Grumpy Magazine. Not only it is a rewarding experience for all of us, but it also helps us to keep this open-mindedness that is such an important value in today’s society. We all have a different vision of the world, and when you mix all these various perspectives, you can be sure to have the tools to create great things. I’m so happy with all the work I have been doing with my contributors for the last few months, and we can not wait to release it in our upcoming Spring 2018 issue.

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