How Marketers Can Use AMP Stories

By October 8, 2019Editorial

What are AMP Stories?Marketing with AMP Stories

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is a Google-led initiative that is designed for mobile-first formats to create fast, tappable, full-screen content. AMP Story is a new, creative and visually rich way of storytelling which is Optimized for Google Indexing and Prioritized for Mobile Search. So now, more readers can find your stories. AMP Stories harness Visual Storytelling and thus turn out to be a brilliant way to expand your reach. Keep reading for marketing with AMP Stories tools. 

Why use them?

Marketers should leverage AMP Stories because they add an additional tactic to their bundle of promotional tools. AMP Stories are fast-loading and visually rich. Additionally, AMP Stories a mobile-focused. Thus, they’re optimized for mobile devices making them full-screen, tapable, and beautiful on a variety of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. Most importantly, AMP Stories are Search Engine-Friendly. What does this mean? Because they’re quick loading and visually appealing, this leads to high audience engagement. Thus, creating a positive signal for search engine rankings. Learn more about AMP Stories SEO advantage here.

Marketing with AMP Stories:

Any strategic marketer knows that the goal of marketing is to get your brand seen. Thus, by leveraging marketing with AMP Stories, you can. To create an AMP Story, simply create an Article Story or Visual Story on The Issuu Story Cloud. By doing so, this will automatically create a Story in AMP format.

Here are several ways you can increase your marketing game with AMP Stories:

  • Announce a new product or service: In a visually engaging way, announce a new product, upgrades, additional services, and more!
  • Promote a deal: Consumers face endless promotions daily. Now, promote your deals in a fun, instant way that will break through the ad clutter.
  • Provide insights and details: The best way to learn about a product or service is through visuals. Thus, leverage the impactful visual of AMP Stories to tell your brand story.
  • Improve your social: Most brands have turned to social marketing to reach their audience. But, many brands aren’t effectively using the platform. With AMP Stories, share sleek and professional Stories content.

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