Make Money with Holiday Gift Guides

By September 16, 2019Business, Content Marketing

Get more sales from your holiday gift guide

It’s a wonderful time of year for brands and creators. One major part of the holiday season: gift guides. Bloggers and creators that use brand partnerships as a source of income have ample opportunity with holiday gift guides. They’re a great way to pair up with brands that align with yours. They can also be fantastic for your own brand awareness with brand reshares! But how can we maximize your sales once you publish? Here’s how to make money with holiday gift guides.

Affiliate Linking

If you’re a blogger or creator that operates on brand sponsorships, including affiliate links is the perfect solution to drive income with a holiday gift guide. Use Issuu’s linking feature so share in-publication hyperlinks. Partner with brands that are aligned with yours on some affiliate link opportunities. Gift guides are a great spot to partner with multiple brands for the opportunity to collaborate. Use affiliate links to make commissions from each sale you drive from your holiday gift guide.

Shopping Links

Shopping links on Issuu are a great way to entice buyers. Instead of a regular hover-over hyperlink, they’ll see a shopping cart icon. This will make it more “shoppable” to those who are flipping through the magazine. If someone is checking out your gift guide and is ready to buy, these are a great signal that they can buy the shown product. Pair a shopping link on Issuu with an affiliate link to get potential customers to use your gift guide for their shopping needs.

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Embedded Video

Embed video into your holiday gift guide to make it more interactive. Share an embedded video in your Issuu publication that automatically plays when you flip the page. Using video is a great way to stop people in their page flip to pay attention to a specific product or page. Create video links using videos uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo that fit right in the pages of your publication. It’s as easy as a few clicks!

Website Embeds

Embed your holiday gift guide into your website. You can create a custom embed link with Issuu’s beautiful customization options. Choose your size and colors to be able to match your embedded gift guide to your website layout. Create a separate page for the site with the gift guide, or share a blog post featuring the guide. If your organic audience is led to it through places they’re already visiting, it’s the perfect spot to draw in potential customers who already trust your brand.

Issuu Visual Stories

Use Issuu Visual Stories to share your holiday gift guide across social media. Turn your flipbook PDF into beautiful, customized social assets. These are a great way to keep your gift guide top-of-mind to your audience. Sharing your gift guide on social media with Issuu Visual Stories is a beautiful and interactive way to get more sales from your Holiday gift guide.

Try the Issuu Story Cloud

Try the Issuu Story Cloud today for your upcoming holiday gift guide. Use Issuu to share your content across all channels and maximize your holiday gift guide’s potential reach.

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