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By October 10, 2018Marketing

Magazine Events: A How To

Event marketing is the perfect strategy to grow your readership, increase your audience loyalty and market your latest publication. The magazine and social world has become saturated with content. In order to keep your audience captive, you must go beyond the pages.

Magazine events and experiential marketing tactics are your solution to keeping your audience engaged. We want to keep your audience excited and interested. We’ve put together a list of in-person and online magazine events that will generate a buzz. More importantly, they’ll grow a community around your publication.

Contributors Q&A Panel

Not only do your readers love good content, but they also love learning about the content creators behind the scenes. By offering a panel discussion event, your readers will be able to put a face to their favorite features. They can also engage with their favorite writers, photographers and creatives this way. Readers often feel more compelled to consume content when they actually know who’s crafting it. As well, this is the perfect opportunity to preview upcoming content and discuss how content is created for your magazine.

Cooking Class

Bring to life your magazine’s most popular recipes with an interactive cooking class. Whether it’s an in-person class, filmed video, or Instagram Live event, your foodie followers will be thrilled to follow along to create the dish exactly how the chef themselves would do it.

Honest Food Magazine

Photography Tutorial

Readers often view magazines for go-to art and photography inspiration. With an interactive online or in-person photography tutorial, you can give your loyal followers even more inspiration and some insider tips and tricks! By offering an exclusive photography class and a how-to lesson on how your magazine photographers get the perfect shot, they will become grateful and even more engaged readers.

Day in the Life of an Editor

Everyone wants to know what goes into crafting a new issue of their favorite magazine and what goes on in the daily life of the creative leader behind it. Host a contest and allow a few lucky winners a behind the scenes look at your photoshoot process, editing skills and more!

Not up to hosting guests in person? An Editor or Editor-in-Chief Takeover Event on social media can still give your followers and inside look at your magazine without the hassle of hosting someone for the day.

Live Performance

For the arts and entertainment magazines that feature today’s most popular musicians and artists, a live performance is the perfect event to generate a buzz. By sponsoring a performance with a featured cover star, not only will you be able to promote your upcoming magazine, you can also grow your viewer base to include the talented artists followers as well.

Music & Riots Magazine

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