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By August 23, 2018Tips

When you upload content to Issuu, you have the option of publishing it as Unlisted. This excludes it from the search engine and community, but is accessible only to those with a link. Looking to list an Issuu document privately?

Using the Unlisted publication option is a great way to test how your content looks and works before it goes live. You can always make an Unlisted publication public. However, you can’t revert a public document back to Unlisted.  For more information please visit Making a Public Publication Unlisted.

How to List an Issuu Document Privately

If you want to create a private library of documents only available to members of a group, company or just for yourself, the Unlisted option is the way to go. Unfortunately we currently do not offer password protection for unlisted publications at this time.

TIP: While Unlisted publications are accessible only to those with a link, we highly suggest that you do not share this link publicly, as another search engine might discover and index it, effectively making it public.


All Issuu accounts, except Optimum, come with a limited amount of free Unlisted publications. If you want to keep more documents as Unlisted, you can easily add on more on the Account Services page as demonstrated in our help center article.

Please note that the Unlisted storage Add-Ons are billed each month or year, until cancelled. When you choose to cancel the Unlisted storage, you will no longer be able to upload any new Unlisted publications.

How to publish an Unlisted Document on Issuu

  1. When you upload a publication to Issuu, select UNLISTED under AVAILABILITY in the VISIBILITY SETTINGS section.  Next click PUBLISH NOW to publish.

List an Issuu document privately

  1. Once the publication is done converting, it will appear in your Publication List. Unlisted publications are marked with a grey UNLISTED mark next to it.

List an Issuu document privately

NOTE: We do not currently offer options to password protect your Unlisted publication.

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