Introducing Issuu Stories for today’s content creators and brands.

It’s Storytime.

Introducing Issuu Stories for today’s content creators and brands.

We’re taking the digital publishing experience to the next level. Introducing Issuu Stories –– a new free feature to publish, read, and share individual articles from inside publications on Issuu. Issuu users – both brands and individual creators – now have access to a streamlined workflow tool for breaking out publications and highlighting pages you choose, displayed in sequential order or thematically as they’re created. Stories on large screens have the same format as your publications. On small screens, Stories are optimized for a scrolling mobile view. You can easily feature specific pages from your publication, broken out in as many Stories as you like, and share them on your favorite social platforms in a new eye-catching format.

Issuu Stories gives users the ability to easily integrate their content on social to deliver beautiful spreads and slick scrolls, as well as GIFs generated on Issuu. Digital content can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Reddit.

Publishers can get started with Issuu Stories from your Publisher Homepage. Just click SOCIAL TOOLS, then SHARE STORIES. From there, you can build out your Stories to be optimized for sharing on mobile. To learn more about how to create and share Stories, check out our Help Center article.

Social Sharing Made Easy

Issuu Stories enables you to more easily power your Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Twitter feeds and more. We’ve designed Stories to be flexible assets that will look as good on social media as they will on Issuu. With mobile-optimized Stories, we made sure that you can deliver content to your audience, wherever they live online, on any device — with beautiful spreads for big screens, and slick scrolls for mobile screens.

So….how does it work? Here are a few tips to get started.

How to share your publication to Snapchat:

  1. Take a screenshot from your publication or use the Issuu GIF generator
  2. Get your publication link on Issuu by clicking “Share this Story” from the share prompt
  3. From Snapchat, upload your screenshot or GIF video, and add some descriptive text as an overlay
  4. Click the paperclip icon to link to your Story
  5. Share your snap to your “My Story” for your audience and tag @issuuofficial for the chance to be featured on Issuu’s Snapchat

How to share your publication to Instagram Stories
(for Business profiles with over 10K Instagram followers):

  1. Take a screenshot from your publication or use the Issuu GIF generator
  2. Get your publication link on Issuu by clicking “Share this Story” from the share prompt
  3. From Instagram Stories, upload your screenshot or GIF video
  4. Then add some descriptive text as an overlay including a “Swipe Up” call to action at the bottom
  5. Add your Story link using the paperclip button

Check out our Social Sharing Toolkit for more ways to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Tag your creations #instazine or #issuustories and follow @Issuu for the chance to be reposted by Issuu.

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Content Discovery for Readers

Readers now have greater access to a wider range of free content and topics from beloved publications. These aren’t the familiar covers you’ll find on your supermarket shelves –– it’s content from the independent voices and emerging media brands that are poised to take over the publishing industry.

Issuu brings a new era of publishing, allowing content creators and readers to connect in a unique and personalized way, which is why you can now find our curated Stories on the Issuu app and website to discover the latest and greatest reads in categories that interest you most.

Take a peek at the universe of content on Issuu from Fashion to Travel, and everything in between.

Experience Stories

Download the Issuu app or head over to issuu.com/stories to discover our daily featured Stories. Also get top Stories delivered straight to your inbox every week when you subscribe to Issuu’s Top Stories email.

What Publishers Are Saying about Issuu Stories

Sweet Paul“It’s so much easier for us to direct folks to specific stories now. I can’t wait to make a ton of these and schedule social media posts to promote.”

Local Wolves“I appreciate the visual component where you can choose a series of pages to create a new story. This is so beneficial and helpful to fellow editors to share specific articles on Facebook and Twitter.”

Square Up and LUCY’S Magazine“Helps us get captured by our articles” “Highlights our best features” “Gets our content out to more people” “It’s a great way to help readers get beyond the cover”

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