Step by Step: How to Use Issuu Stories

Ready to get more engagement with your content by using Issuu Stories? We are excited to bring you the first-ever integrated story solution with the Issuu Story Cloud to turn your uploaded content, magazines, brochures and catalogs into unique and exciting Visual Stories for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and more. Issuu Stories are integrated with lightning-fast Google AMP technology. With AMP, better optimize your content for SEO and reach new audiences, faster. Issuu Stories helps to create a better workflow for brand-approved content. Create once and share everywhere your content needs to be seen, on web & social.

How to make an Issuu Story

Step 1: Download the Issuu App on iOS or Android & Login to your Issuu account.

Step 2: Click on the purple “Create a Visual Story” button.

Step 3: “Select Assets” to create a Visual Story, either from existing Stories or Publications.

Step 4: “Select a Story Style” template, Voice or Inspire. Customize and edit the Visual Story including updates to the text and photos.

Step 5: Preview your Visual Story before sharing to Instagram, publishing with Google AMP technology and more.

Start creating Issuu Stories

Stories are now the most impactful way to captivate your audience and broaden your readership. The Issuu Story Cloud makes it easy to create exciting social Stories with your existing content, right on the Issuu platform.

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