Issuu Spotlight: Peacock Magazine

By May 24, 2019Publisher Spotlight

Issuu Spotlight: Peacock Magazine

This week we are featuring a student publication from the American International University in Paris (AUP), Peacock Magazine. These student journalists are using Issuu for sharing their perspectives with their audience and beyond.

These students write about the most pressing issues of their generation including dealing with grief, plus-sized fashion, and the rise in youth consumption of Juul pods. Peacock Magazine combined with The Plume, a podcast, and Peacock Play, their video channel, form the AUP student media group on campus. These internationally minded scholars excel at multimedia expression– which connects “students, faculty, alumni, and the globe.” For example, Peacock’s sleek website features Issuu digital embeds so fans anywhere can enjoy their publication within their media group’s native experience.

Many of us remember the haunting images of architectural treasure, the Notre Dame Cathedral, burning down in April 2019. ASM sent their student journalists to report live on the tragedy. Pieces such as these are converted into Stories with Issuu’s Story tools. Peacock Mag can promote trending articles like this in Story format across social media with ease, so readers can view their content beautifully and seamlessly across both mobile and web devices.

We’re giving their social media schedule an A+. AUP tags @Issuu when posting about new editions on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They use hashtags in a classy and informative way that brand the publication. Their hashtags also promote upcoming editions and initiatives. Their social schedule is also coordinated across platforms, publishing Stories on their Instagram and embeds on their Facebook.

MUST READ ISSUE: Spring 2018 Volume 7.2

Multicultural, urban, and contemporary are the three words that encompass this student publication. We believe Peacock Magazine is achieving its goal of shaping the next generation of journalists.

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