Issuu Spotlight: Local Wolves

Issuu is spotlighting Local Wolves, an independent fashion and entertainment magazine.

Local Wolves is an independent magazine reporting from Long Beach, California. They share a passion for storytelling as we do at Issuu: “storytelling for creative minds from diverse fields of work.”

Issuu celebrates Local Wolves’ seven-year anniversary this April. They choose Issuu for archiving their publication with our Stack feature. Stacking makes content resurfacing easy when it is relevant again. Local Wolves has gained respect over the years by circulating editions with themes like girl power and self-love. Check out their archive here!

Local Wolves takes full advantage of Issuu’s enhance and share features. They are currently promoting their newest edition with gifs linking directly to the full publication on Issuu. You can also find all the Wolves’ artist highlights broken into mobile readable Stories.

They excel at promoting up-and-coming musicians, designers, Youtubers, and photographers in a way that online audiences flock to. Local Wolves thrives is their commitment to promoting female artists and body positivity. Their pages are filled with praise for diversifying follower’s social media feeds. This is just one way this magazine meets its audience.

Our favorite pictures from the latest edition

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